http://www.hbomax.com From Africa to America…it’s traveling fast…destroying everything in its path. The Motaba virus inflicts a swift, horrible death, and only one man can stop it from spreading into a deadly worldwide outbreak in this riveting scientific thriller.

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  1. I love this movie it shows how the government can lie about everything that's truly out there. And the American people suffer for it.

  2. Those 'Suits' are ridiculous…you can't 're-breath' your own expired air for long and the idea of 'filters' involving a viral-body are sublimely worthless
    ( Attempting to 'filter' a virus is impossible regardless of barriers…a viral-body will pass thru like 'rolling a BB down an 8-lane highway' )

  3. 2022: Thanks YouTube!
    Hard to believe first Plague c.1300. Then every few years as no clean water and sewers in the streets. In 1917- Spanish Flu but Vaccine 1938, 20 years later.
    Dormant Bubonic Plague Slides:(Gross & MICRO) all kept by Teaching Hospitals/USA used to recognise- it !!
    If you had VIRUS it can lie Formant in Linen Closet. The Autopsy In France find in the dead patients EYES! Bolsters work @5/weeks!
    It will continue. Air-Borne Pathogens Germs travel 15 inches: toilet Flushes Fumes…to toothbrush; hamper to Towels, etc!
    The Cold has a ten-Day contagious factor but no one pays attention to infected ones!
    Fórmula: Get Sunshine daily @15Minutes D-Vitamin To Drink Water @11cups! : Clean hands, blow nose all the time, keep street shoes outside bedroom! Wear your Mask!

  4. This movie has a happy ending. Too bad the CDC and NIH are corrupt and drags the covid for political purpose. no happy ending outside of this movie.

  5. Too bad we couldn't use HCQ. And ivermectin early on in covid. Thousands of lives would have been saved. But Dr fauci prevented doctors from using these drug so the drug companies could make a fortune on the lives of Americans and around the world. Robert F. Kennedy. Jr wrote an expose on Dr fauci. It's very revealing.. I urge all to read it. If you can stoll find it. I will relate the part where Dr fauci gave elderly patients HCQ in TOXIC doses knowing it would kill them and then went on nation wide TV stating t hat HCQ was a dangerous drug and we had to wait for the vaccine. He and many others need to go before a tribunal court for crimes against humanity.


  7. the statement in the beginning was a little wrong, the MOST dangerous is politics. second are viruses.

    and lol spacey: i slept back in july! my favorite bit of sarcasm from this movie.

  8. Prior to covid, the public could schedule tours of the public areas of USAMRIID. Lots of vintage photos of the early days, old buildings, etc. I remember when it had a 1 floor separate office space where I picked up the GS-15 that ran the day to day activities at USAMRIID and associated research buidings. I was a courier of the twice weekly report updates pouch from detrick to walter reed and the mil intel building in alexandria, drove him to his weekly meetings thurs mornings, picked him up on my 3pm runs, brought him back to detrick. 19 years old, had the clearance since I was in signal corp, and was low man on the totem pole there at USACEEIA/USASTRATCOM. I was the big dumb kid so I did gofer stuff a lot.

  9. Capuchin monkeys are in the Americas. Only New World primates have prehensile tails. Zaire (the Democratic Republic of the Congo) is an Old World, African nation. I've liked this movie for a long time, but that was always something that needed correcting.

  10. To be self empowered is to be accountable and responsible over self , actions bring results produced . Realizing energy powers vessel . From source / To source . Thermodynamic force laws explain reality truth . Our Oneness awaits our return . Nothing hidden Nothing secret . Our Creator will not judge us . The Oneness will reject Evils Wicked Energies . Harmonic Vibrations bind all we see feel and interact with . All is sound and light compressed and condenced to forms and functions . Theory Reality , Sound + Light Harmonics Resonance , Gyroscopic Centrifugal , Static Magnetic Photon Realms , Compressed Condensed Fractles Forge Fabric Fields Forms + Functions Foundations . Exponential Eternal Expansion , Residual Echos Flow . Firm objects Interactions Transitions Changes . Imperfect Perfection , Mindful Mutants Energized Intellectual Comprehensions . Mature Develop Gaining Wise Understanding Opening Enlightened Realisations Experience Divided Unity . Friction Conflict Resolve Singularity . Imagine Beyond Limited Perspectives Awaiting Results . Forged Dream , All From Return To . Discernment Divided Frequencies , Exposed Sorted Similarities "Collections Memories Struggles" Survive . Accomplishments Endure Focused Momentum , Domino Effects Avalanches Beyond Warped ! Learn Earn Adapt Environment exposure+ Influence . Morals , Ethics , Values , Discernment + Discretion , Participation Evolution , Nothing Hidden + Nothing Secret , Seek + Find , Imagine + Create , Forge Future Focused + Founded upon Freedom !

  11. So many people comparing this to COVID. So many people thinking the events in this film are in any way similar to the global lockdowns.

    You need to watch fewer of these films. Your hysteria is part of the problem.

  12. Beautiful. They don't make movies like they use to. 9 out of 10. Great cast and storyline. Fearful because in reality looks like this is going to come to past. Covid was just the beginning to control and separate us.

  13. I still remember watching this in science class back in the late 90's. We watched the first half until 1:15:43 & then our teacher shut it off because the bell rang, but we were dying to find out what happened next. This was a good film.

  14. For anyone not familiar with 'gain of function' research, you should find out what it is. Did you know that governments perform this, without ever asking you or your 'elected representatives' for permission to do it?

  15. Exactly the reason we were given Covid and why Covid wrapped around the world at record speeds, killing millions. Investors and those that wanted not only money or control but population control. Biological warfare. The 26 Biolabs in Ukraine ran by and invested in by certain American leaders was destroyed first by Russia so no more deadly diseases could be spread. Doesn't anyone find it odd that every 4 years, there's a rise in diseases and viruses?

  16. We could have used a Col. Sam Daniels in April of 2020. Instead we got an unfeeling, ambitious, bureaucratic Gen. McClintock. There was a time when I would have criticized this film for being anti-American and anti-military, but after Kabul …

  17. Parts of this movie was filmed in Ferndale,CA and I used to live by there when this movie was being made. I got to meet Cuba Gooding Jr. one evening when he was at the local bar hanging out, really nice guy.


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