Our Next Lunar Landings

Introducing the first American companies who will deliver the science, technology and research that will set the stage for humanity’s return to the Moon by 2024. News release: https://go.nasa.gov/2Xd4zJL

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  1. In 2024 will we be going with our own rockets or Russian? I'm hopeful our because I miss Amerca having active launches that do more than ferry around cargo, but I understand WHY we retired the shuttle.

  2. all these videos really making me excited about the future. hopefully i’ll be alive when we house people on another planet c:

  3. And if science is leading, wouldn't it want a collaboration of nations before allowing a company in a country to start placing satilites in space that will make traveling to space much more dangerous…12000?…its hard enough to get to space and there is enough debris there currently…its like they were like, space is very hard to get to, lets make it even harder…lol…

  4. i wanna be an astronomer , i want to go to earth like planets and stay there no coming back, ill just keep on documenting and studying and send it to all of you, and fulfill your curiosities.

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  6. NASA please make sure your next trip to the moon finds a great solid and flat landing site for the safety of all future missions, we need a Lunar "of course i still love you " priority number 1


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