Other Countries Think Americans Sound Like This??

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  1. I live in the valley and I can confirm, no one talks like that, the girls talk like any other girl, no one talks like the stereotype, I don't go around talking like "brother wind… good spirits bless this land on this beautiful morning don't you think?"

  2. Omg this video pissed me off. “Like literally im literally dying” “omg as ifffff” NO ONE FUCKING TALKS LIKE THAT. Idk where those stereotypes come from BUT IVE NEVER met someone who talks like that in a non joking way.

  3. Its so funny that differnt countries make fun of america for the way we talk, Yet the excuse for making fun of us is because we make fun of them and yet its the few american people on social media making fun of them

  4. I live in Sweden and I got to say they are horrible at English, if they think they are experts they will add one English word in the middle of there sentence and feel cool


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