Osteosarcoma | Jaliyah’s Story

At age 9, Jaliyah was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma. After swelling from an ankle sprain did not subside, a visit to Jaliyah’s primary care physician revealed that Jaliyah’s ankle pain was caused by a tumor. When local specialists recommended amputation, Jaliyah’s mother Joyce searched for second opinion to save her daughter’s leg.

Joyce found Dr. Carol Morris, chief of Orthopaedic Oncology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, who offered an alternative to amputation. Dr. Morris and her team performed a complex limb-sparing surgery allowing Jaliyah to keep her leg. Learn more about Jaliyah’s story and the care team that gave her the chance to continue dancing.

To learn more about our orthopaedic services, please visit hopkinsmedicine.org/ortho. To schedule an appointment, call 443-997-2663 (BONE).

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  1. My first reaction? What a BEAUTIFUL young lady. As I continued to watch I see not only a beautiful EXterior but a beatiful, sweet INterior. GOD BLESS THIS YOUNG GIRL AND HER FAMILY! Keep your faith, and keep dancing! THANK YOU for sharing your personal story. You are very brave also!

  2. My daughter had a similar procedure at Sloan Kettering in NYC. There is no reason to jump into an amputation without checking with John's Hopkins or Sloan Kettering first.

  3. This is my best friend! For an update she does the Step team with me so she is definitely getting better! ☺

    EDIT UPDATE: She's out of her cast now and she's now running!

  4. Can someone help I think I have cancer. I’m always fituiged I have a stomach all day every day I always have a head ache and I have a rash that doesn’t itch but keeps moving and it doesn’t ever get better and I’ve had it for a while. Both of my grandfathers have/had colon cancer. My grandma had breast cancer. My mom had breast cancer and a blood disease that isn’t supposed to be genetic. My step mom had thyroid cancer. My dad is at a risk for colon and skin cancer. My mom died of a stroke, then had a heart attack after her stroke. I have terrible eating habits and I’m eleven. Pls help and tell me if u think I do or don’t have cancer

  5. my best friend was recently diagnosed with cancer, his name is reece probert , his is incurable and a very very rare and unable to remove, if it is tried to be removed he has a high chance of paralysis, he has not long left to live, it’s heartbreaking to know he will be gone. i try to stay positive and be happy around him but inside i’m in so much pain and it hurts me💔 appreciate everyone around you and love them anything could happen💘

  6. I’ve noticed a bulge or bump on my foot that has random pains. It first appeared after I got my foot stomped on really hard about 1 1/2 ago and it seems to be getting worse and I dont know how to tell my mom

  7. What a brave girl 💪 my granddaughter is currently going through chemo following surgery. Was found on her left knee. Leg was saved but replaced with a knee implant. Unfortunately some small cancer cells were found in her left lung. All we can do is pray 🙏 and hope for the best. She's only 12 years old. All who read this please pray for "buggy" aka Lily in Arizona. Thank you.

  8. I am 18 years old gir l too have ostocercoma in left tibia and I am so nervous about my walking still now I am bed rest docter said that after 6 months l can walk

  9. My son had this type of cancer. I struggled for several years but I took this damn disease only God knows how I feel.
    no child deserves to go through this

  10. My prayers goes out to everyone fighting this horrific and painful cancer! I would rather die than go through all the suffering and pain because I’m that weak, these kids and also adults with cancer are the true fighters! God bless you 🙏💕


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