Orion Trial By Fire

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  1. If we can build the ISS, why couldn't we have used the Space Shuttle, or the Heavy lifter version of it, to launch and build a modular interplanetary space ship that has a rotating section for artificial gravity, and a nuclear engine?

    It just seems like we are going back in time, when we could have done something far more grand.


  3. Wait.. he was talking about the challenges of passing through the radiation zone, but I thought we already did that in the 1960's!?!?!? what is so hard about that now??  

  4. The presenter says they must sort out the radiation issue before they send people that far into space. However, I rather thought they knew how to deal with this, since they have actually sent people to the moon, have they not? Sounds like an admission of guilt to me; the least they could have done was mention it.

  5. Interesting project.
    Seems they finally admit, that no humans have ever flown through the Van Allan belt yet, so they indirectly admit, that the Moon landings were faked here on earth and the astronauts were only in near earth orbit..

  6. Ridículo!!!! A merda da NASA acha que convence com propaganda enganosa. Já foi o tempo seus imbecis!!! Grande novidade usar combustível fóssil pra transportar essas merdas de cápsulas da época da minha vó!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chega de enganação seus trouxas, não tem mais palhaços pra rir bando de imbecis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Someone needs to explain what is different from what we did 50 years ago during our trips to the moon.  This video could have substituted the name Apollo for Orion and it would still be accurate.  I know that our technology is now far more advanced, we need to celebrate things that are new not 50 year old accomplishments.   

  8. So, to my knowledge, we only have two metals here on Earth that can do anything to mitigate or block radiation. Lead, and Gold. Lead is far too heavy to launch into space and is almost useless in blocking "neutron" radiation (there are different types of radiation). Gold we use on spacecraft all the time. How many times have you seen pictures of satellites being made and they're covered with Gold foil? That's why that's used. Certain plastics and water are also good at mitigating radiation effects.

    Years before our trips to the moon the government detonated nukes high up in the atmosphere trying to see if they could effect or disperse the Van Allen belts. Instead what they inadvertently did was strengthen the radiation belts, some estimates by as much as 50 to 75%, for years to come.

    How did the Apollo astronauts make it through the belts without dying en-route you ask? Well, they did receive massive radiation doses going through the belts, however the exposure was minimal. Each astronaut was also limited on how many trips through the belts (and hence to the moon) they could take. They past through the belts very quickly and at their weakest points, though they received enough radiation to be the equivalent of a dozen or more chest x-rays. It's also well documented (and still is today by our astronauts aboard the ISS) that when they close their eyes they can still see flashes of light, like fireflies. This is caused by cosmic rays that pass through the spacecraft and through the astronauts themselves hitting their optic nerves.

    Long term exposer in the belts however would indeed be fatal.

  9. I wonder how they know all of this, all this information how to create such devices and about the earth magnetic system without any spiritual background.

    If the brain is able to process only 147 bits of information at a time? The left brain side is responsible for calculation and logic but where do they get the first basic information? Where did this all start from? 
    Right brain side is responsible for intuition and feelings and a higher consciousness which is also related to spirituality.
    The planet earth is 90% left brain sided.
    How is it possible that some geniuses were able to figure all this out?
    They were either Handed the information or they were actually using their right brain side to have a connection with higher consciousness and spirituality to get this ?

    Why has noone else got this 'spirituality' ?? XD

  10. keep in mind,It's unmanned, 3600 miles is a big deal?, loosing communication, needs to be tough, needs to get past the Van Allen Belt's…. all of which was so easily done going to the moon? with tin foil? traveling 266,000 miles?… the science doesn't add up here. It's so obvious honest to God … so obvious… 1969 was a good fuzzy black and white movie.

  11. As a scientific institution, NASA should use SI-Units. Not Fahrenheit, Not Miles etc. Remember some catastrophic events, where software was corrupted by simultaneous use of metric and imperial units.

    Regards Michael, phsysicist

  12. and another thing you watch to many movies…..the human body could not handle anything that travel faster than light…..you would die your skin would  rip right off your bones…tell your space buddies to stop wasting tax paper money

  13. So, now why do they tell us about the " Van Allens Belt ", that it is so dangerous – They know it since 1963,4,5,69 Then they have send up the Apollo 11 to the Moon !!!! This should not be news, OR IS IT ? ? ? Meaning – They ONLY NOW COULD MAKE A PLAN to OVERCOME THIS VAN ALLEN BELT !!! ???? Question then is – does the moon stay inside and before the Van Allen Belt or outside further away from the Van Allen Belt to ridge it??? In which year was the TRL stages, point reached to go to the moon ?
    Please let me Know, does this mean Conspiracy, Lying, Un-trueness ?? We never come close to the moon ever !!!! But we are told it is a fact. I was abused at Primary School for not remembering this nonsense of Neil Armstrong who landed on the moon !

  14. The Orion space capsule has some competition with spaceX's dragon v2…SpaceX wins on maximum crew capacity, although the Orion has better protection against the van Allen belts. Dragon v2 has a better heat shield for re-entering.

  15. when you are crossing The radioactivo beles you can't. do it fast or that will make changes with the Orion ship and it could lose contact with the ISS and it will make the ship get lost in space the technology is advanced but is not easy to defeat space or parts of space that are hard to cross even if you have advanced technology it doesn't mean it will work you have to study the space parts of space you are going to cross and then study the ship completely and do it wright.

  16. Hey, the heat shield worked in 1968 on Apollo, why wouldn't it work in 2014? I still want to know what happens if there's a hurricane or typhoon in the landing zone when Orion comes zooming in after a long trip at 25k mph with no steering control. Hitting the water with shredded chutes is not a good way to end a mission.


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