Original Banksy Canvasses Sell for $60 Each

Original Banksy canvasses were sold in Central Park for $60 each (worth approx. $20k each) as part of his month-long residency.

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Comment (802)

  1. His originals cost £25 each in 1998 outside the watershed 💦 in Bristol I never had the money to pay for one I was living in Jamaica Street hostel what a gutter!!

  2. The only reason I would want one is to sell it. I dont really see the desire to hang up art that I don't find appealing. I would be happy with a piece by Pablo around the 1931-38. His work has soul that I can enjoy. Price has nothing to do with it. I believe that was Banksy's point is to let the people enjoy the art at an affordable price. It is about the art!

  3. I think the point is, some thing is only worth what a person is willing to pay, regardless, that is the fundamental logistics of life, on the other hand the adage that comes to mind is a fool and his money are easily parted, take your pick hehehehe, cheers

  4. I would have snagged a few, had I known and been there that day. The thing is, I think they were not advertised or shown to be Banksy. That stuff looks like common schlock.

  5. I don't think thank Banksy on canvas makes us feel the same way as Banksy on a concrete wall.
    "Art makes you feel something the artist once felt.” Tolstoy

  6. Hilarious. I sell a lot of my art on Craig's List for the cost of canvas because it's easier to get my money back. My same works sell for several hundred dollars in a gallery… about a 1,000% increase. Most people haven't a clue about Art, nor quality and the art world is a popularity contest full of morons, idiots and boneheads.
    The two $60 paintings bought by the woman in New Zealand were re-sold at auction for about $200,000 and they bought themselves a chunk of land with the money.

  7. If i was Bansky sitting there i woudnt be thinking about the fact that the "people dont know…" Thats the obvious and unimportant piece of info. Thats the red herring.
    What i I most certainly would do though, is to be very very introspective about what my art says to people.
    In its own merit. And try to learn something so i could improve. Coz everyone can improve. Especially famous artists who are in short supply of common sense critiquing from the proletariat.

  8. Just love his Art and his was of handling things and – His kind of humor? I'm from Germany and if he would ever come near Düsseldorf I would love to invite him to coffe and cake, have a chat and perhaps learn from him how to spray.
    Thanks for this experiment!

  9. How do you know if it's a real Banksy? The only way would be if the seller is Banksy himself or has proof it is given to him by Banksy ( this would mean he knows who Banksy is, otherwise he's gambling with possible fake Banksy artwork)

  10. Instead of filming it if you would have bought 4 of these you’d be a millionaire by now man 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. I don't think they are original, it is more Bansky's art is very simple to reproduce because they are made with Stencils Bansky's success is not for his art itself is idea and promotion ,is like Keith Haring's art is simple drawings simple colors, anyone can do it with the minimun knowledge of drawing, I sell Keith Haring art in Manhattan and many people ask me if they are original the more commun people know about artists ,but not about Art

  12. I'm honest. I know Banksy very well and I would have recognized the paintings on the spot. and yet, I would not have bought them. My reasoning would have been that they had to be fake. and in fact, you can't really tell if they are, just because they are serial items that can be reproduced at will. What makes them this valuable isn't only the fact that they are by Banksy, but also the fact that it's now known that it was Banksy himself making this 'performance'. If anyone was to fake Banksy canvases across the street and sell them for 60$ each, they would be worth 0, even though there's absolutely no way to tell the difference from the original.

  13. These comments are amazing. Glad everyone admires banksy. But it seems no one gets the real point. Its all worthless, hardly anyone wanted it dont you see. But when is all the hype that whole block would have been blocked off and only “privileged” people would have been given access. Banksy proved the biggest point in the world lol kinda scary

  14. people talking about the value of his art and it not being worth millions and ignoring the fact he made almost $500 in one 6 hour shift. seems like anyone could make a living art art, when you look at it that way. but

    lets factor in the price of the canvases. they look like off the shelf manufactured ones. maybe the biggest ones cost $50 full price and the small ones more like $10 . add in the price of a couple cans of spray paint, the materials to make stencils, the cost of the display and even the chair he's sitting in. we're looking at at least a $1000 set up here. plus he would have had to transport them in his own car.

    but even then, if he did this just on the weekends and made about $500 three days a week, he would make back his investment in one week, pay off a cheapo car in a couple months, and then, maybe, finally, be able to afford a place to stay 😂

    please tip your artists, people


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