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In this video we find out which foods the Norris Nuts order for 24hrs when they are blindfolded. They win a challenge to choose exactly which restaurant they will be going to before selecting foods off the menu. In this food challenge there will be a random selection by chance because the Norris Nuts won’t be able to see. The Norris Nuts will not know what they have ordered until the arrive home and open the food package for the first time. The food they ordered at the restaurant will be a total surprise. There is also a clothing reveal for Norris Nuts Fashion. Help us make the outfits that will be made for Norris Nuts Shop. At the end of the day we see who can survive the entire day. Also Sabre goes on a secret lunch date. Who is she dating? Which Norris Nut Will it be Sabre, Sockie, Biggy or Naz team who wins?

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Comment (4,289)

  1. I am just so HAPPY that the Norris Nuts are back because like everyday its a sad day for me and when i watch Norris Nuts videos they make me so HAPPY. Bye Norris Nuts I love u

  2. Instead of getting Biggy's hopes up every single vlog let him have his games back for 24 hours and make a decision after that (I am not hating at all just making a suggestion)

  3. Honestly I love you guys so so much and that’s why I think you should stop vlogging.. I want you guys to but it’s not the right thing mama Brooke is going through something very hard and exhausting and if she wants to take a break of course she should have one after all she’s been through I love you mama Brooke and I hope you get through this 💕

  4. Its okay if you take some time off the videos. I mean look at SIS vs BRO. Kids should be working that hard alll the time. Ive been here since Brooke was pregnant with disco, so i know that you guys have worked really hard for a really long time. Rest up brooke and i hope you get better

  5. I am so glad you guys came back! I checked back on the channel everyday, and I saw this video and felt happier than ever before. Thank you Norris nuts. We apprieciate you and I hope mama will be okay! I have been a legend ever since you guys got actual beds!

  6. Similar video and picture to ordering food blind folded they done a few months back. Hope they all r ok but perhaps they have either gone to get demi or running out of ideas for content?? Either way nuts please keep us updated

  7. biggy is a mommy boy biggy is a mommy boy biggy is a mommy boy biggy is a mommy boy biggy is a mommy boy biggy is a mommy boy biggy is a mommy boy biggy is a mommy boy biggy is a mommy boy biggy is a mommy boy

  8. Hey Norris nuts I’m just going to say that u mean so much to me, when u had a break what you deserve I was sad and started watching the videos from 4 years ago. You guys mean so much to me and all the legends. Sabre: you are such a beautiful girl who I am so jealous of and you deserve everything’s and more, sockie: your a amazing person who follows your dreams even if it’s not like your other sibling the whole 5.77 million legends support you no matter what, Biggy: you are a sensitive young bloke who I admire as a person Andy is funny and polite (games back 🥺), naw you are such a pretty girl who always puts people in frount of you, u deserve so much more and I are growing up so fast whatever you decide what to do we have your back, disco: such a playful person and funny and ADORABLE young g who is going to be a good person when he is older because of the influence of his siblings and parents, charm: you are adorable as well with a super cute and unique personality at your age and you are super cool and super good at swiming (charm swims better then me lol), Justin: you are a good role model and such a caring person overall u have grown as a person with your looks and how you act and finally Brooke: you are such a imparing woman who I look up to, you are going throw a lot right now with your confidence amsmall and we all of the legends wants you to know that we love you and support you. There is propply a 1% chance of you seeing this and it would give me super happiness even if u heart it or comment. And I live in Queensland so you should visit me because I love you all (you don’t have to lol) 😍

  9. I’m a legendary super legendary and I love The multicoloured Jumper I like the black one to but multicoloured is better I don’t know but yeah
    Love u Norris nuts and I been subscribed for like 4 to 3 years

  10. Mama is the strongest mama in the world I love her and she is one of the sweetest people I ever watched on YouTube I love her she’s one strong mama and that the Norris nuts mum

  11. We’re so glad your back Norris Nuts. We missed you and are very happy that your back and putting a smile on our face and cheering us up when we are


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