Orangutan saws a tree | Spy in the Wild – BBC

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Animatronic spy creatures go undercover to explore the world of animal intelligence and reveal their use of tools, self-medication, culture and subterfuge.

Spy in the Wild | Series 1: Intelligence | BBC

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  1. Love animals, all of them, but these guys NEED protecting. Everytime i watch them it feels like they're one evolutionary step away from actually speaking. Like no other animal comes close to this, they need protecting and be allowed to thrive with respectful and safe human communication

  2. It's the documentary companies teaching monkeys shit that's going to cause a monkey-human war one day. Laugh now but mark my words; one of these days the monkeys will figure enough out to wage war with humans using the knowledge documentarians gave them.

  3. I like how the Female Orangutan is full of pride and emotion and movement while sawing while the Male Orangutan is just motionless except his arm using the saw

  4. no somos perfectos porque matamos insectos, pero el reino animal es más inteligente que el hombre, no sólo por el hecho de su código arn genético sino porque meramente son unos de los seres vivos primeros creados. Si nosotros hubiéramos sido creado antes, los animales serían cómo nosotros somos, pero cómo ves, existe un orden natural y no una selección natural.

  5. That saw has such a good ergonomic design that a fellow ape can pick it up and immediately get a feel for how it's meant to be used.

    It would be cool to have weird feet hands for extra leverage when manipulating tools though. All humans have is the vestigial ability to curl our toes which I only really use to pick up clothes from the floor into the laundry basket.


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