Orangutan grabs zoo visitor who jumped guardrail | USA TODAY #Shorts

A man visiting the Kasang Kulim Zoo in Indonesia was attacked by an orangutan after jumping over a guardrail.

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Comment (417)

  1. Now will you people leave these animals and primates alone? look what happens when you don't. I see the problem he got too close to the cage …idiot.. yall gotta use your brains and common sense .

    these animals aren't bothering you so why are you bothering them?
    I don't feel sorry for him.

  2. Stupidity& Disrespect, can get one injured or killed!

    This idoit, is a dangerous fool, who is very lucky. As the viewers can see the raw power, streangth and agility that Orangutangs have. These are powerful and potentially dangerous beasts, that are to be respected.

    The moral of the story is, in zoo's; be respectful of the animals; personal airspace, don't go beyond a Safety Guard Rail Perimiter and don't wear loose, lingering cloths!

  3. Yall keep fuckin with them wild animals yall gonna see first of all the man shouldn't have jump the enclosure and got to close trying to hug the Male orangutan to go fuckin with him so animal felt threatened they are very strong can lift up to 500 or more pounds yall will learn one day….💯

  4. You know it takes a lot to get an orangutan pissed off at you and apparently this guy managed to do it and let me tell you something if this was a chimpanzee this would have ended very differently.

  5. That was better than an action movie. I was waiting with suspense. At the end I said here goes the toes. He had that adrenaline rush to get away lol

  6. I'm sorry I wouldn't have been in that position that guy was stupid for going that close. I would of tried punching that thing in the face to see if I could stun it for just a sec so I could get away. His toes almost became little piggies


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