Operation Valkyrie

High commanding officers conspire a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler in July 1944. Based on a true story.

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  1. I was so disappointed when Rescue 77 didn't make the cut. It was really good and I especially liked Marjorie Monaghan's strong character. Blondes usually get treated like airheads. Another series I came to enjoy is Maloney. I have a hard time getting interested in shows because Hollywood puts out so much trash and mind numbing programs. I didn't give Maloney a chance until the season was half over. I wish someone would upload the series.

  2. @ Kenneth Hoppe —— It appears to be the full movie ( not cut or shorted ) though I'm not 100% certain. FYI : I think the original title of this movie is "Stauffenberg" so if by chance you are able to access it, you'd be able to confirm full movie or not. I hope this is helpful🌝.

  3. A very well done movie and a different perspective on nazi Germany. Well worth the time to watch. I might also recommend the nazi war machine here on youtube. It gives something of a different overview Hitler and the contributions of his scientists. Except for an organizational flaw we could all have ended up speaking german.

  4. It seems there are a few movies that have been made about the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler in 1944. What is of interest to me is they all seem to have the names (well most of them) correct as to the ones involved, but there's discrepancies with how much they were actually involved. We know that Nina von Stauffenberg survived, as did Hans Speidel even though they don't mention his name (Rommels Chief of Staff who became the 1st German Commander of NATO after the war from 1957-1963). I wonder what sources the film makers used as references for these movies since many of the chief players were either executed or commited suicide.


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