*One of a Kind* School Bus Tiny House Conversion Built with Salvaged Materials

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This is a 1969 International school bus that was converted into a tiny house B&B. It’s built with locally salvaged materials and decorated with fun thrifted vintage items.

To find out more about the Old School B&B in British Columbia, Canada:

The interior space is 19′ feet long from front to back, 7.5′ wide, and 5’10” high in the middle. The driver’s seat was converted into an indoor shower, and the passenger area is now a cozy living space with a copper penny desk, a kitschy kitchenette, lounging benches beside a propane fireplace, and a queen-size bed with loads of storage below.

The bus has a roof built above it to protect it from the weather and to create a covered porch. There’s also an outdoor bathroom/outhouse built right outside with running water and an Envirolet composting toilet.

To find out more about the Old School B&B:

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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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  1. Incredible! The best I’ve ever seen. There should not be any negative comments here. Only toxic people who are jealous would find fault. You did an absolutely wonderful job. Enchanting and dreamy. I could live in that!!

  2. This is a fantastic school bus makeover. Great job. Love your style.
    It's great to see people reusing things and upcycling like this.
    It's a great idea putting the commode outside of the bus too.

  3. Take a shot every time she says 'stuff' and you'll be crazy drunk by the end of the video lol
    Jokes aside, nice build, not cramped at all, cool styling but preserving the functionality, which is essential for a BNB.

  4. Beautiful home. What role do the tires play? Do they stabilize or just for show? If they're to stabilize, how often do they need air? What are the plans for when the rubber deteriorates?


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