One Day in the Spider-Verse! | 10 Hours

Live from the rooftops of Marvel’s New York City, hang out with Spider-Man and some special guests straight from the Spider-Verse in this 10 hour ambient livestream!

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Comment (139)

  1. This was a really nice stream. Was there pretty much from start to finish
    Chat was ok. I enjoyed talking to the people who actually were talking about things related to the stream, especially Spider-Man trivia.
    Thanks for another great soundscape marvel.
    Edit: it's not precisely 10 hours but that's ok

  2. This is one of the best pieces of 10 hour entertainment of all time so much story and very deep characters that you feel sooo much for it should win a Oscar

  3. If you like Siege you should go watch my latest video not only will it really help me start my channel it will also be very appreciated thanks for reading even if you don’t go and watch much love❤️

  4. This is the third time I write about it on social media, but this stream was the best.
    From the amazing details that after many watching hours I'm noticing, to the style of the animation (I really need to know who made these), the transitions, the music… Etc…
    It was INCREDIBLE. I really hope @Marvel can keep these awesome streams from time to time and mixing them with the most common ones.
    Maybe an Avengers ASMR can be next? The possibilities are massive and I can't wait for what you guys have prepared for us in the future. This was definitely a massive and amazing surprise. Highlight of my week for sure. Tough times, but you guys are always there to make those times much much better.
    I'm deeply grateful for the effort.
    Keep it up, everyone!

  5. So le batla go nthaya le re go na le motho yo a lebileng golo mo gotlhe hela a sa eme? Gape mthaka yole. Sale a eme mo tankeng ele ya metsi a sa sute? 😂

  6. START OF LOOP (length 60min)
    1:50 smooth jazz hehe
    3:05 silk!
    8:55 funny mysterio poster
    11:45 miguel on the cover of the daily bugle
    12:20 spider-man kite
    15:55 someone is hanging from the arch
    16:27 bongos?
    19:31 thrr!
    21:05 hobgobbler
    22:55 deadpool
    23:26 s.h.i.e.l.d. helicarrier
    24:45 spider-cat (also swing music)
    30:45 redwing (?)
    31:15 the mary janes
    32:20 daredevil
    33:50 captain america poster
    39:50 human torch
    40:05 uncle aaron playing music at the crib
    42:30 enter 2099…
    51:45 choppers in persuit
    53:10 spider-punk
    54:15 SP//dr
    54:50 mysterio in his spherecraft
    56:06 leopardon
    56:45 m.o.r.b.i.u.s.
    59:33 miles "stretches his legs"
    END OF LOOP 😇👍

  7. I'm usually not really a big fan of jazz, unless it's Mario Kart 8 where they went hard on that soundtrack, but I really like that jazz music that plays later on in the video.


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