Olympian Jason Brown Breaks Down Figure Skating’s Six Jumps

Figure skater Jason Brown demonstrates and explains the differences between the six jumps in every skater’s arsenal. Photo: Adam Falk/The Wall Street Journal

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  1. and yuzuru has announced that he's not going to put 4A in his programs for 4CC 𝙗𝙪𝙩 is saving and preparing it for world's next month. if he lands it, that will be history. he would prove all odds on how people think of what a person's body is capable of. i wouldn't be surprised if people land quints in 5 years from now. it all matters on how much you test your body and capability, how far you push yourself. everything is possible!

  2. Axel is obviously easiest to identity as it has forward entrance. Lutz typically has the sliding backwards entrance without turn. Other jumps have a few turns. Salchow has upside down V-shape legs while Toe/Loop has X-shape (crossed legs) legs entrance. Flip and Lutz are difficult to identify without watching slow-motion to see the edge. Also, he did a flutz (Lutz with inside edge take-off like a Flip) in the video as he entranced with outside edge but at the time of jumping it was inside edge already or at best unclear edge.

  3. I really hope you guys can reply me I really want to ask how do you able to spin two time , three time or four time in the air??? Do you need the speed or the strength or both???

  4. I feel like they should add more to figure skating cause they all look the same like I watched videos from like the 70s 80s and 90s and they all looked unique and had more freedom back then I think adding backflips would be awesome but I heard it’s banned because someone did it and it popped a tube that kept the ice from staying frozen or something like that but still

  5. Sooo I took notes.

    Maybe it'll help to review both for all the people who still are having a hard time. But I'd also like to say, it's not that you can't, it's that you're not so invested that you desire to learn, which is fine. But it's like this, just because you know the notes (Sheet Music) cdefgab and where they lie on the staff logistically doesn't mean you can name off each line at random just by looking at some sheet music; likewise it takes practice to name each jump as you see it.

    Anyway, here are my notes. Hope it helps!
    Tip: Try really picturing each jump as you read these.

    Landing (Same for all): Right Back Outside Edge

    Salchow (Sow)
    Takeoff: Left Back Inside Edge
    Key Component: Right leg helps lift up, entering into about a 45 degree angle before flattening/crossing into the twist

    Takeoff: Left Foot Toe Pick Vault
    Key Component: Standing leg is on Right Outside Edge

    Takeoff: Right foot, center (not pick)
    Key Component: Right foot starts crossed behind left foot; simple crouch jump

    Takeoff: Right Foot Toe Pick Vault
    Key Component: Standing leg is on the Left, Back, Inside Edge

    Takeoff: Pick Jump-Right foot
    Key Component: Standing leg is on the Left, Back, Outside Edge
    Trick: This goes against the direction you want to rotate but helps with power and torque when done right

    Takeoff: Forward (only jump)
    Key Component: One leg standing, back/free leg swings from behind to give momentum to enter the twist but still rests behind the front ankle
    Trick: Adds another half rotation

  6. for all those who are finding it difficult to differentiate, I would suggest that you watch adam rippon 2018 and jason brown 2014 Olympic performances, these two focus more on their artistic side so they have fewer jumps, as compared to say nathan chen. whenever they are about to jump just slow down the video and observe their feet, whenever you feel confused come back to this vid. This made me understand a lot faster

  7. OMG…I admire ALL athletes that work so hard in whatever sport they do…
    I can ice skate a LITTLE…can’t do jumps or turns or spins… can only just skate…
    They have to Learn and remember so much along with all the hours of training and staying in shape…they have to be super strong mentally…
    To be able to balance training physical and mental…have ME time and time with families and friends and just having fun and being able to relax…
    They have such awesome determination and discipline…

  8. This is the video I needed. I gave up knowing which jump was which at an early age. I only knew an axel. I was an avid roller skater growing up and I use to do a (by your video) a flip jump on them and wanted to try the others. I just never knew how or what made them different and we didn’t have YouTube back then and the books and drawings never made sense. This video is a tremendous help. Hmmm…I wonder if still can learn the other jumps on roller skates, Lutz, Salchow, Toe loop, and loop. I could never see the difference of the Toe loop and Flip. Now I get it. Thanks

  9. Watching this in January 2022, and Yuzuru Hanyu has sort-of landed a quad axel in competition. It was two-footed, but he's working on it. And Jason is going to the Olympics again. (Hooray!)

  10. Wow…I used this video to learn how to spot the jumps and it worked, and now I’m about to watch you soon take the ice in the short program at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Thanks and Good Luck!!

  11. 0:27 Salchow – edge jump, left foot inside edge take off

    0:47 Toe Loop – pick jump, right foot outside edge take off

    1:10 Loop – edge jump, right foot outside edge take off

    1:23 Flip – pick jump, left foot inside edge take off

    1:43 Lutz – pick jump, left foot outside edge take off

    2:10 Axel – edge jump, forward left foot outside edge take off


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