Official Trailer | Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge | Oculus Quest

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge launches on November 19 exclusively on Oculus Quest.

In thisaction-adventure virtual reality experience,you’ll travel to the planet of Batuu and get caught up in your own unforgettable story. Fight alongside classic characters, and face intimidating villains, as you explore all-new regions and eras of the Star Wars galaxy. With multiple difficulty settings, Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge has been crafted for all types of players and fans.

The experience takes place on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the epic land at Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. You’ll play as a droid technician operating near Batuu, but when a group of Guavian Death Gang pirates attack you’ll be forced to jettison the ship’s mysterious cargo and head for an escape pod. After crashing on Batuu, you’ll explore the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost, and learn how the actions of one person can change the galaxy.

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  1. There is passion, yet peace; serenity, yet emotion; chaos, yet order. I am a wielder of the flame; a champion of balance. I am a guardian of life. I am a Gray Jedi.
    Yup. I'm Amped😊

  2. plrase explain what "recorded in ENGINE, game may will look different" means.
    why would you advertise, show, a video and pretend like its the quest 2 game?
    official trailer for quest leads me to believe you will be showing quest content.
    not stand in footage from a stronger machine.

  3. Cool, Seezleslack Will tell us all those stories so we can learn more lore of Batuu and from the past 🙂 It seems like The Guavian Death Gang was still hired by The First Order after TFA. New Flying creatures i See 😀 nice. I cant wait to dive Deep into The stories told here.

  4. At least Vader Immortal had some semblance of a story. This is a poor attempt at a theme park advertisement, with Disney hoping a sprinkle of fan service and "yeah, you're actually a Jedi!" trope again. At least Squadrons is an actual game. I hope Disney eventually focuses on creativity and storytelling rather than rushing anything they can out the door to squeeze as much profit from their multi-billion dollar investment.

  5. If only corporations knew what consistancy and story arcs are.
    At least then, people like michael bay wouldn't happen. You don't turn the bad guy into a god and randomly turn them into pu**i*s.

  6. Awesome ! Please enhance it for Quest2 and new pcs… also ! Make it longer ! The first installment was so short i pooped my pants ! ( at least the dojo was fun !)

  7. I hope there's a ton of slapstick humor and wacky creatures. Maybe we get an Han solo camio and he'll do his Iconic dance number. Maybe Ray and Finn can show up and wave to the camera. I love star wars. Thanks for saving Star Wars, Disney.

  8. So, LucasFilm changed their mind about basing Star Wars land on Tatooine because, so said Margaret Kerrison: "We don't want you to be walking in the footsteps of another hero, we want you to be the heroes of your own stories". So, you make a game called Galaxy's Edge and base it on Batuu.
    So visitors to Disney parks will be able to…visit Batuu and see characters from the game.
    But you just said…….
    Basically it's ageism by LucasFilm. Suggesting that "oh no one will be interested in characters in a 40 year old film now" is as clueless as saying "oh no one will want to see a ride based on a 90 year old mouse character called Mickey". 👏🏻

  9. I'm not a massive Star Wars fan, but Vader Immortal was well polished and fun to play, just a little expensive for the time in each episode. And this looks to be the same formula, but will probably be a must for any true Star Wars fan.

  10. Kinda weird hearing "Resistance" and Yoda's voice in the same game/trailer, etc. I guess the Yoda portion of the game is a flashback since Yoda died back in The Empire Strikes Back. (10-20 years prior to this game, depending on exactly where they place it.)

  11. This isn't Star Wars… Is National Geographic adventures. Lightsabers are so borring and overdone in VR.. Needs a battle between Rebels and Empire on every front. Walkers, Snowspeeders, getting over run by the empire to reform and battle and win. Lets recreate all the type of games we enjoyed through the years from Star Wars titles and put those experiences in VR.. Why again is Disneylands failure amusement park being used to elevate VR tech with Star Wars? These bad decisions are what keep Star Wars down the drain with fans. This is like playing any random Sci Fi Game, with a lightsaber .. Yea?

  12. I would like to see a Star Wars storm trooper training game only an hour or 2 so perfect for vr, where you would be started as a young adault or teen who decides to enlist as a first order storm trooper. The first large portion of the game would be you in a training facility and train as a trooper and create friendships which would later become your squad. Or maybe make it multiplayer where u and a friend would go through the training “mini games” and be fighting for a squad leader position based on ur performance. At the end of training you could even have an awesome vr storm trooper suit up where u put on every armor and clothing price yourself ending finally with the helmet. Then the mid game be fighting battlefront style with all the classic weapons and gadgets to secure or wipe out resistance forts/camps, then maybe a short section of space flight and battle with one player shooting, one player piloting, or is playing single player the 1 player does all (this would be the bulk of the game). Then for the finally get pinched by Luke lea and Han, have your team get wiped out. And you escaped and flee back to the Death Star where you meet darth Vader and he punishes you for your failure which fills your character with rage and then suddenly you realize how the empire is terrible and you get flash backs of previous missions but with a different point of view and see all the homes, land, and families you have destroyed. This then makes you flee from the empire and join the rebels, and sets up for a great game sequel, the sequel could also be that after being punished by Vader, he discharges you for being a coward and you join bounty hunters because of your battle experience, which would also be a great game where you could freeze targets in carbonate and have to track them down and pay planet dwellers for info or use intimidation to get it, but I’m getting off track. Or maybe an immortal twins game, or a game where you play as an alien on the planet of ur choice, and you run a bar and have to keep up with orders and encounter all the things that happen like fights, people coming for information, gambling, and all the other fun stuff we have seen happen it’s the Star Wars bar atmosphere throughout the years, maybe even have missions where you collect items to make ur food and drinks, So yea I have a lot of ideas for a game like that and all my sequels too, I’m full of ideas and creative things so Star Wars hit me up, I’d love to do this with y’all, or even write is as a comic, book, or movie for you 😂 but the game would be hype too, so if someone from Lucas film, Star Wars, or Disney sees this, please reply and let’s start talking, or people reading tag those people 😂, anyways just hit me up, got a lot to share. (P.S. please don’t rip off my comment here and not give me credit, that would make me sad) thanks for reading y’all and may the force be with you!

  13. I predict that this game will be a let down…….it's supposed to be out tommorow ? No one has been allowed to preview the game ! We haven't seen anything apart from this trailer ….what system is this ? How long is the game because the other Oculus star wars releases were a rip off cash grab ! Apparently there is a sequel to this earlier next year . If this was a full game it wouldn't be 25 dollars .

  14. What i'd like to know is the duration and replay value. Too many games asking full price for 4-5 hours (although fun) but next to no replay value, no thanks.


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