Obama’s Weird White House Portrait Unveiled & Apple Announces iPhone 14 | The Daily Show

The White House unveils the official portrait of Barack Obama, and it’s…weird. Plus, Apple releases the iPhone 14, Russia continues to attack Ukraine near a nuclear power plant, NYC announces no more snow days, the U.S. women’s soccer team achieves equal pay to the men’s team, and Juul agrees to pay a $440 million settlement. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

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Comment (3,389)

  1. I went to the ER so many times last month. Each time they sent me home saying that I was fine its just anxiety and I kept going back like no I have an infection. It turned out I did have an infection, the pressure in my head, nose eyes continued on for 3 weeks after. I still feel it a little… it was infection and allegeric reaction from seeing the peice of art of Satan July 26th shortly before the Uranus Mars Conjunction

  2. The image of Obama is very stark, and he is not filling up enough space. He appears small in the image. I don’t like it.
    The subject should be the biggest and the brightest in a portrait. Professional Artists should know this.

  3. Im having problems with a 2021 cellphone and i snap its nothing though because i don't even have a 2022 smart/ supercomputer/6g home, 2022 smart/supercomputer/6g car, 2022 smart/supercomputer/6g boat, 2022 smart/supercomputer/6g motorcycle, 2022 smart/supercomputer/6g plane, 2022 smart/supercomputer/6g iphone14, 2022 smart/supercomputer/6g etc.

  4. I saw the other portraits i thought they were going to use, and then seeing these… . Both versions were poor. Michelle's were a bit better than the President's. I love them both, & feel i finally found their one weakness, their taste in art. I would have chosen portraits that would have been better representations.

  5. Neo —the choosen one— in the no-décors space between the matrix and the real world: the mind possibilities. Wow! What an homage. So well deserved, Barack Obama!
    And Thank you Trevor and TDS for making me see a positive perspective of Michelle's portrait, I was more mitigated about this one, she's brighter than this portrait to me.

  6. I missed the reason for 2 artists (?). Wish the 2 artists had conferred about proportion being at least close. Barack looks like a miniature comparatively, and I would love to have had posterity see the whole magnificent face if this memorable man, not a shadow of half. I know there is meaning in that, but still would have loved capturing the full glow he exudes.

  7. At this point I'm starting to get worried that the UN is slowly turning into another version of the League of Nations
    That terrifies me more than Trump's baby hands.

  8. The Obama portrait captured Barry very well but the white background takes away his light and Michelle is always beautiful but her portraits look like cartoon caricatures.

  9. What is the UN for? It is en event organizer. It was established like that by the USA.

    There is nobody able to convince leaders to give up power to the world government to stop wars.

  10. I don't want to be that guy, but what's the point of giving female soccer players same salary as men if no one even watches them play, this is the same argument as women in tennis wanting to get the same prize money, play the full 5 sets and get the same viewership then

  11. Obama is NOT the first black president. He is Mixed Race. Maybe that's why the portrait is starkly black and white.

    Does Obama identify as a Black man? How does he square that with his White relatives who raised him and loved him when he came home crying. It's not like he was adopted. And I know, Trever was "born a crime" cuz of his mixed heritage. But this is the USA, where most official forms only seem to recognize pairings with Blacks, Whites, and non-white Latinos (and Latino is ethnicity not race).

    And before you dismiss me as a Woke kook or a colored kid with issues, consider the reason you need to classify me in order to feel better about what I am trying to say.

  12. Am I the only one kinda scared abt the whole “tracks your period” feature?? Like with Roe v Wade overturned, it was a huge issue with women deleting their period tracking apps in case it was used against them in court to show proof they were trying to get an abortion?? Like – apple would 100% snitch or sell ur info, I Would Not Trust this thing.

  13. Insane how people clap for the soccer women. They were making more money before this deal and had a better deal for them than the men's deal. They only wanted to perks of their deal and also that of the men's. Nothing fair about it in any way.

  14. I thought Obama's official portrait was the one of him in front of the ivy wall or whatever that background was. This one looks like a picture. If it's truly a painting I'm stunned.

  15. Yeah, the UN is pretty useless these days. After being ignored by western countries over Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afganistan and more the rest of the world has now decided to ignore them as well…

  16. The women's soccer team are more successful but they don't generate anywhere near the revenue the US men's team does. It's not just about ticket sales. The US men outsell the women in merchandise alone, by far.

  17. Yes, women, all we have to do is be the best at something, and then someday, sometime, eventually in the far future, we too will be paid the same as a man, who does a mediocre job at that same thing. 🎉🎉🎉 Yay, for equality. The whole system is 💩.

  18. Sorry but I have to agree with Trevor. When I saw the picture initially, I thought the same thing, why is Barack's background so stark– especially when you look at the portraits of all the other presidents. Barack is a handsome man, but I don't think that poetry does justice or provide a great contrast. Michelle's is better but I think hers certainly could have been even more striking

  19. man… talk about those smart watches being little slavery devices… now!!! From Apple Inc. never skip one cycle ever again and make sure your man has enough material to guarantee a nice load… The Apple iPhone 14!!!!!

  20. Obama portrait looks like they shot it for a a magazine cover to put typography like a masthead with headlines all around it… otherwise what's with all that negative space? To my eye, it diminishes his stature. Bring him in tighter, he seems distant

  21. A lot of people are in deep reflection about the deeper meaning behind Obama's portrait, but as a procrastinator, I'm laughing at the thought that they just ran out of time. 😂😂

  22. Biden has accomplished alot in search a short period time. Obama could have accomplished alot in a short period of time if it hadn't been for mitch McConnell and his [email protected] trumps orders.


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