Obama: Debt Ceiling Deal A Prime Example Of Democrats And Democrats Sacrificing For The Greater Good

Ben Bernanke drunkenly tells everyone at a local bar how screwed the U.S. economy really is, an area dog’s rock bottom is the same as his peak, and Randy Moss quits on football for the final time. It’s the week of August 1st, 2011.

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  1. @TheEuropeanWarrior MSNBC has a bias, but FOX news tells actual lies. they have meetings in the mornings telling their reporters to either ignore "inconveniant facts" or report the exact opposite.

  2. @bambamthankyamaam Sorry man but I think we have bigger things to worry about at this point and time. I'm an astrophysics nerd but even I know we just can't afford it even if it does lead to technological advancements.
    Don't worry my friend we will be back someday hopefully in our life times.

  3. Oh no! The American flag fell down. Better fly up there and put it back up USA. Oh, you don't have any rockets capable of taking people into space anymore. Just have to hitch a ride with the Russians then.

  4. @91soldin91 No way!!! Fox is the most honest a truthful news source on earth! These is Just fAkE Videos meant to convert people into atheist and become democrat socialists!!!

    (and yes, I am joking…)

  5. If the flag on the moon actually fell over, that would actually be a really big deal because there is no wind or anything to knock it over. ALIENS

  6. @supersmashbros011 My sources tell me that 92.6% of Republicans are fat bible-thumpers who roll through stopsigns and don't leave tips.
    Anybody else wanna pull a statistic out of his/her ass?

  7. @supersmashbros011 The 40-50% stat doesn't say anything about the "vast majority" of Democrat voters specifically. Of course that's not the only tax, but that's another subject. Thanks for not coming up with childish names like "libtards", though.

  8. I am so glad that democrates and Democrates can take it so far up there…Ask me why I am disapointed it's becuase congress is full of… Shi-te's would runs this country better thens these… Basting a turky is fun.

  9. Obama will be Toast in the 2012 Elections!

    Not because Bush,Republican's,Scooby do, japan or any other bull shit he can try and dream up.

    Because, He is in over his head! He is a freaking Clueless community organizer from the streets of Chicago. 🙁

    I understand you Lib's thought this man was GOD, I am sorry that your bubble was busted. He's just a robot that stops talking as soon as you kick the TelePrompTer over! 🙁

  10. Obama Tit Suckers: :-0

    Most of Obama voters are Living off the government tit!

    They are low life people that are able bodied, yet live off government assistance. I.E. Welfare, WIC, Food Stamps etc.

    healthy welfare recipients that are able to work but choose not to because they are satisfied with their welfare checks for doing nothing.

    The people living off the government tit are the largest voter pool for the democratic party.

  11. @paulstrong123 – Go to hell, you little worthless piece of sh*t…. I swear, you (psycho) conservatives are the DUMBEST, most ignorant douchebags out there…. And just to summarize once more, go to hell… again! Moron. It's the radical right that is going to destroy this country with all of the lies they spread…..

  12. @JonJonesize West coast would import huge numbers of Mexicans to pick up the slack left by middle class. Working class actually votes more republican so west has inherited the welfare kids and single moms. East coast would have to double business tax to global standards and a new elite would replace the old one's who left.

  13. @Smax714 Nope. "Some scientists say it is uncertain if the flag remained standing or was blown over by the engine blast when the ascent module took off." It is unknown.

  14. Agreed. We might FINALLY get a real debate going about UFOs now that aliens have pulled this prank! The air force & CIA can't ingnore us anymore!!

  15. In any case, the Amreican flag never flew on the moon, because of that whole no wind thing, so who realy cares? The passing alien ships have never seen our gloriouse stars and stripes boldly rippling in the evening breeze. For all they know, it's just a limp rag we put up there to whipe the moon dust off our shoes before we enter our ships.

  16. This is the recent comment you are looking for.

    Turns out I'm the second, someone beat me 6 months ago.

    But nobody else commented on this video for 8 years. Kinda cool and interesting when you think about it. Nobody commented on this video for 8 whole years.

  17. I remember this! Was definitely the FOMC’s most eye opening policy announcement, and Bernanke was more than casually subtle about the outlook to the country’s surprise.

  18. This comment will have a lot of likes in the future, but not for a good reason .

    In order to better understand how we ended up into this shitty situation, i would suggest to watch his documentaries this this chronology :

    1 ) The Mayfair Set

    2) The Century of the Self

    3) Can't get you out of my head

    My view is that, after Ronald Reagan removed all the restrictions the entire USA become a Stock in Stock Market . There is only one solution … STOP CONSUMING & CREATE A SITUATION WHEN HAVING POWER IS NOT WORTH IT. Give power back to the people.

    According to my point of view , Usa & EU at that time , had a couple of alternatives to consider , it wasn't all hopeless . One of the alternatives USA & UE had was to distribute most of the money they had accumulated ( or print new money ) into its Citizens , so they could finally escape Hunger , get out of the System for a few years , have good long deserved REST and come back with new ideas OUT OF THE BOX . So to answer the famous question " WHAT COULD WE POLITICIANS DO ? " … my answer is simple … create the conditions for a Real , Peaceful , Cultural Revolution. That is enough to mobilize the entire population into thinking that " IF WE ALL ACT AS ONE BODY , WE CAN MAKE AN IMPACT INTO OUR SOCIETY AND THE WAY WE LIVE ". Because in the current system , what Politicians / Business are saying to citizens is this : " CITIZENS ARE RESPONSABLE TO MAKE THE SYSTEM WORK AND THE WAY TO DO THIS IS TO WORK & CONSUME YOURSELF TO DEATH " … like Citizens are some sort of Oil / Lubrificant to make the machinery work or like being some sort of wood to keep the fire burning. But Citizens are becoming to wake up and understand that they are the most Abused , and in the mean time the most Important part of Equation. People are starting to understand that if : People simply quit working and refuse to consume , the System will fall apart . Most people ( Baby Boomers ) understood that in 1960 , and IN A SIGN OF PROTEST they went as far as creating a Counter Culture Movement , people made it clear to governments that " WE FINALLY BROKE THE CODE AND WE WANT TO NEGOTIATE " and the most beautiful part is that THIS AWAKENING CAME PEACEFULLY AND SO NATURALLY … the only thing Government had to do was to say : " Yes , take your time , get to know yourself , experiment , and in the mean time WE THE GOVERNMENT will make sure to help with food / shelter / transportation / medicine " . By doing this people would finally move out of big & depressing cities , would get closer to nature , would meditate , would have time to think as Individual & as part of Society , people with similar interests & passions would get together in rural areas and start to create stuff ( like we did in 1 & 2 Industrial Revolution ) , if for some reason things would not work out with one group there was always another group to try to contribute , people would travel a lot so thier chances for Inspiration by Nature would increase greatly , people would not get bored and depressed because there isn't some kind of wage to tie them to contribute into one place / group , in this situation every village would be different , every city would be different , every country would be different , every person would be unique / different because what they have been through is different . I believe this would have solved the mental health issues we are facing , birth rate collapse that we are facing , ecological damage we are doing to the nature because there would be no need for mass production , most importantly it will solve the distribution of power and resources because no one is in charge ( if you don't like and don't agree with how things are run , you can always leave and find another group who share similar ideas with yours ).

    But Government / Business refused to sit down and negotiate with their Citizens like equals , because THEY for some reason wanted to hold on to Power ( even if it was clear THEY couldn't manage ). During 1960 more and more people were arriving into Conclusion that : IT WAS THE GOVERNMENT WHO CREATED ALL THE TROUBLE … Civil War / Great Depression / WW1 / WW2 ( because let's face it , in reality wars served ony one purpose TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM REALIZING THEY CAN GROW WITHOUGH GOVERNMENT … you can see the pattern, every economical crisis is temporary solved pushing people to kill each other & destroy infrastructure so we can build it up again soooo They Create the Problem and Sell us the Solution ) people expressed freely this opinion to Government , but ofcourse THEY Denied those accusation and the best part is that THEY started to Accuse people for being brainwashed by Communists ( i hope at this point you can see the IRONY here … people accuse They Government for being Corrupt & Not Serving People Interests, and What Government does ??? They denied everything and accused their Citizens for being Traitors & Brainwashed by Communist . CLASSIC DENY & ACCUSE ) . In a situation there Citizens were saying one thing and Government was saying another , you don't need to be a scientist to come to conclusion that THIS COUNTRY IS HEADED TO COLLAPSE. Citizens , being Ignored / Tired of unemployment & exploitation who refused to become Oil for Machinery , continued with their Counter Culture Movement and retreated in rural areas. Without Government Support ( food / shelter / transportation / medicine ) Counter Cultural Movement was was bound to fail ( because people were to different to each other : some people wanted to Rule , some didn't fully understand WHY They choose this path ( so they didn't understood in time that everyone has some responsibilities like cooking , cleaning , being friendly , supporting each other ) , some were so in love with themselves that though THEY were some kind of Prophet that others had to follow , some were bureaucrats who had discovered that the only way to get rich it to exploit other people ( so they become part of Counter Culture simply because were looking to test themselves and gain experience so they could go back in cities and continue worsening the situation by exploiting other people , some were there simply because of cheap drugs , some were there because sex was more entertaining and easier , some were simply experimenting withough having any expectation behind it , some were trying to know themselves in another environment , some were homeless and had anywhere else to be ) … all this are Good Reasons to be part of Counter Culture because THIS MOVEMENT was ment to be the only place where people don't judge and try to heal each other … buuuut without Government support ( food / shelter / transportation / medicine ) it is impossible to keep it running because if someone DIDN'T FIT with the group , it didn't have any other choice but to ADAPT with everyone else in the group buuuuuut because hi/she refused to ADAPT with everyone else , was the reason WHY hi/she left Consuming Society in the first place … SO THAT'S THE POINT …. That's why Counter Culture Movement Died … BECAUSE WHEN YOU ADAPT WITH EVERYONE ELSE , YOU LOSE YOURSELF , AND WHEN YOU LOSE YOURSELF , YOU ARE NOT GOOD TO ANYONE ELSE . The solution of this problem is very very easy and social media & religion is the best prove of this … BRING TOGETHER ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE A SIMILAR PATH OF THOUGH AND INTELLIGENCE … THEY WILL DISAGREE WITH EACH OTHER OVER SMALL THINGS ( WICH IS GOOD BECAUSE IT DRIVES UP COMPETITION AND DIFFERENT IDEAS ON THE SAME TOPIC ARE ALWAYS BENEFICIAL ) BUT WILL WILL STICK TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY AGREE ON THE MAIN PURPOSE . Combine this with Government support food / shelter / transportation / medicine and we would have the first real, peaceful Revolution in 100 years and it will cause a chain reaction like never seen before in human history


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