Obama and Trudeau at the White House: The complete speeches

Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie and a ‘goog looking Canadian delegation’ begin the official visit to Washington.

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  1. There they are, the two most despicable leaders in history. Both willing to sell out their Countries without a second thought. Trudeau doesn't stand for the human rights of Canadians. He's sold us down the river.

  2. Oh what great examples to humanity. Now we have a lot of blaming and trash talking like a Jerry Springer show but without the illuminating Final Thought

  3. Canadian 🍎 God blessed child support and mostly valable diamed jublee unique Time Subhanallah sukranlilahay sukar kudaya abaad thank you baby ubama we are following up goodness forward from hearing from you Mashalla unlimited blessing' children's likes to join u guy's not sure how to thanks again guy's keep it up super duper excellent thank you so much we are proud of you both P.M All the best

  4. As Americans, we're so lucky to have Canadians as neighbors. Very nice people.
    Just imagine being neighbors of North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, etc….

  5. Nies الله يبارك بي كندا الغاليه ويحفظها احلى رئيس بل عالم الله يبارك فيك جاستون ترودو 🌹👍🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦🍁🤠🇺🇸

  6. Remember when we had a president who could read & not sound like a first grader? Now we have a president with a 25 word vocabulary who lies & repeats & incites division & hatred. As he stands next to a handsome young man who speaks 2 languages.

  7. Well you know why these two are so close? They are cut from the same cloth and working on the same agenda. They win and we lose. And tell me how bored are you that you want to be entertained by politicians instead of demanding they do their job working for us instead of working on their next comedy routine or acting performance.

  8. Back when America had a president… These are sad dangerous days for America, and hopefully cooler heads realize the threat, and get it right. I will stand with democratic Americans and the right for liberty, freedom and equal justice, we cannot withstand another 4 years of Trump, let alone the Americans.


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