Novak Djokovic vs Alexander Zverev: Highlights Of Every Nitto ATP Finals Meeting (So Far) ⚡️

Ahead of their 2021 Nitto ATP Finals semi-final, highlights of Djokovic and Zverev’s 2018 and 2020 battles in London! SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: />

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Comment (128)

  1. The GOAT vs the most hated arrogant bastard on tour……….

    Nole will show all court masterclass and finish off woman beater 6-3 6-0. Enjoy with friends and family 🙏🙏🙏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  2. @Novak
    # BEST WISHES 💪💪💪💪✌️✌️✌️

  3. As a big 3 fan, I am a little scared for tonight. Djoker is obviously a better HC player than zverev rn but the German is deceptively a pushover.

  4. djokovic used to serve really bad that's why even though he won at grandslam but had to work very hard for 5 sets (against Murray, Nadal, Federer) it was only after Goran Ivanisevic was trusted to polish Djokovic's serve that the results showed, it was also not long ago that his serve looked good when he won the 2020 Australian open After that, it was up and down again, including at the Olympics and the 2021 USopen final, the serve was really bad…and now it's getting better again. ..#Djokovic is very unstable, sometimes he is really annoyed with situations like this..

  5. If Novak don't get vaccine Novak don't play in AO. Bad move. Let the player do what they want. They make the millions. Let the fans be vaccinated. Who cares if players are.

  6. Medvedev and zverev are creating a great young rivalry against Djokovic. As a djokovic fan I love it. Kinda like Novak against Nadal and fed. Although obviously djokovic is way closer in age with them than meddy and zverev are with Novak. So it’s not the same I guess. And djokovic was actually clapping nadal and fed already by that point

  7. But yeah it’s crazy how massive of a jump medvedev and zverev both took this year in their level of tennis. Before this year they were super talented, but flimsy and inconsistent, and now all of a sudden they’re playing at an all time tennis level, with no flaws in their game whatsoever. Crazy

  8. Novax Djokovic 😅 he will be forced to get the vaccine otherwise bye bye Melbourne👍🤭 it's a shame be can instead "work" in Italy, seeing that the green pass is mandatory in Italy for workers.

  9. After the Big 3 retire, Medvedev will be the player to beat on hard court Grand Slams, and I suspect Tsitsipas, Thiem and Zverev will fight for the French Open and Wimbledon.

  10. China in big trouble over Peng Shuai. This will stuff relations so badly with many countries, the damage will be off the ricta scale. .
    Can China who we suspect have murdered Peng, bring back to life or will they stick to showing photos only story and keep lying?? Stay tuned. This is Communist s all about. Incredible.

  11. Если Медведев будет играть разнообразно, с укороченными , то легко обыграет Джоковича как на ЮСО, а если все сведет к тупой перестрелке, то проиграет

  12. Disappointed as hell. But hats off to Nole 👏. I'm a huge Nole fan but I'm also objective, I think he won't be the same Nole easily in two yrs., these young guns are looking deadly rn. Thankfully, Roger & Rafa are no longer gonna be a threat to Novak tho. W that given, Novak should retire after he wins the upcoming Australian Open.

  13. I mean, Novak can even retire rn. Folks, the debate on who's the goat is already over. Nole is clearly the goat. Just cuz he is level w the double Rs on number of GS titles won, he isn't the goat ? That is stupid. The double Rs cannot do what Nole can do, in clutch, energy capacity, consistency, versatility, bigger wins, the only player to have won all 9 ATP masters 1000, & have the most number of wins of big titles, that are comprised of GSs, Olympics, ATP World Tour Finals, & ATP Masters 1000s, if that makes you happy. & it's not even just about the number of wins of titles, it takes luck to win titles. You can be the best & not win a title. Look at WTA, there's something weird about that, best players never win. Last but not least, Novak has a winning record against both Rs head-to-head, so that makes Novak the goat. Ppl r stupid smh. & they love to dislike Novak, which is them being stupid. Nole doesn't get the love that he deserves. It's ok Novak, ppl in this dimension are stupid, just get the job done, that is all it matters. The truths speak for themselves. & plus, u have me 😁. One advice for u tho, just say u r the goat, next time someone brings up the stupid who is the goat debate again which is already over w :). U can just say, "I have a winning record against Rafa & Roger, so that makes me the goat."

  14. Ja,jee Nole no pudo para la casa, el Serbio Adío. Número 1? lo serás en los números ,pero en la cancha?. Perdiendo el Use Open y Golden wuau! .Y Ahora Torino! cuánto tiempo te queda cómo número uno Nole? poco amigo, muy poco amigo. Al Serbio se le va la fuerza por boca.

  15. I thought Novak could match rogers record in the ATP Finals.. 🤔 Maybe next year?? I respect the Big 3 a lot and ofcourse all of the good ones in the ATP. Congrats to Alex and Dani for getting into the finals. 💪

  16. Tbh Novak did not seem upset, that he lost ,at all . I feel like not having Federer and Nadal around makes him less motivated . I see him losing to both Medvedev and Zverev as something good . It will definitely be interesting in the future . One thing I can say for sure is that Novak is not going anywhere any time soon.


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