Normani: Fair | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Musical guest Normani performs “Fair” for The Tonight Show.

Co-Directed by Jed Skrzypczak & AllanTroy
Creative Production by Sunny Yoon & KR8
Creative direction by Blair Caldwell / Early Morning Riot
Management by S10 Entertainment, Brandon Silverstein

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Normani: Fair | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


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  1. beautiful girl, song and vocals, but this isn't "live" this is a recording of a "live version" placed over these clip… shame wanted to hear true live vocals, with the breathing pars, etc etc 🙂

  2. Beautiful Queen n Loving The Song n Great Gift Of A Voice n God's Blessings More Queen Love n Light 2 U Always… Ase'🙏🏼👍🏼💯💥💯♥️💫🌀✨🌏💥

  3. Really enjoyed this song and seeing her like this, I feel she is finding her way and I pray when time of the album comes, that God brings it into light like it should because it feels worth the wait. Rooting for you Normani. Keep growing and enjoying the moments young Queen 👸

  4. Love the song and she grew so much as a performer I just wished that shit didn’t lip sync the song. I feel she should of only kept the background vocals and sung this raw I think it would of been more vulnerable and intimate with the audience

  5. This was cute but the mic is clearly off lol. A lot of people saying it isn’t because they can hear her breaths in the performance LOL erm you can pre record breaths which a lot of singers do. It would be quite blatant if she performed and you couldnt hear any breaths 😭

  6. LISTEN HERE!! when I first heard the audio..I didn't know how to feel about the song….BUT BABYYY…. THIS PERFORMANCE is FIRE…DO YOU HEAR ME…I currently LOVE this song lollll

  7. normani can dance but she can’t sing live😢 so I thing Camila is better than normani🫠🫠 Camila can dance and sing but the problem on camila is she racist🥺🥺 Okay At least she apologise on her mistake😊

  8. I feel like she's over performing and that's why the lip synch wasn't convincing. Like the lyrics are really emotional but she's giving to much 5 6 7 8, instead of just evoking emotions from singing these heart wrenching lyrics.

  9. I like the record, I also live this live adaptation more than the mastered release. I’ll probably add this one to my library. She has great stage presence.

  10. Normani is such a talent. I love her!!! I just feel like the hyper sexualization young ladies have to do to stand out is sad. She should be a superstar at this point in my mind PeriodT

  11. Good performance but l see so much ressemblance with Toni Braxton Unbreak my heart
    On another perspective it was needed for her and her career to go for a smooth RnB song so well done

  12. She is beautiful and talented and so underrated..she reminds me of Janet with natural sex appeal. Her stage presence is unreal. She takes you on a ride with her. 5 out of 5 star rating

  13. I'm irritated with normani so called fans, during her hiatus she helped her mom with her breast cancer, she been in a relationship and has had heartbreak…she has been too multiple interviews as well and post on ig…yes we want music but I don't see anything wrong with bein patient…if nicki or beyonce go on break and come back we don't get all this energy…im just confused seems wrong

  14. Normani !!!!!!!!! Heard you did this through the vine – wow – when the snaps came in I got goosebumps . So excited more all the time for your music career 👏


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