Noah & I Left The Whole Family For This. IT WAS EPIC!

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  1. You're "You're beautiful, you're one of a kind" pep talks really help and mean a lot to me, Roman. I struggle with anxiety and severe depression and it makes me so happy and I smile every time. Love you, man. God Bless

  2. It’s crazy to see how Noah has grown up, i can’t remember the exact date but i used to watch back when he was super younger and the 3 of the boys would all play games on their PC’s, Roman just got his first GTR, man time flys🥲

  3. Roman, Heavy D & Diesel Dave are both LDS. Heavy D served a mission in Ecuador i think, it was a Spanish speaking so he is fluent in Spanish now. Should do a collaboration. And he wasn't ever in the military or a commercial pilot.

  4. roman. I remember watching when I was about 12 years old. For me to see your son grown up, tall & mature is awesome. I never comment post like this but damn has time flew by! Good luck to you guys!

  5. Roman you are a inspiration to me a person I look up to. Been watching you for years showing people across the world how to be a family and a father. You brought us into your life which most of us are forever great full. I'm glad you have taught and showed Noah how to chose his own path in life's. Especially because you didn't wanna follow the path of your father at the rope factory. Much love. Keep up with the videos your doing great. 👍

  6. It was cool to see you in Hailie Deegan's video of the event. I've been keeping an eye on her NASCAR career for the past couple of years now, and even gone to a couple raves in Austin over the past couple years. I didn't expect the crossover between you 2. But it was great!

  7. Wow dude I didn't realize you were the king of YouTube subs no wonder these dudes want you on their platform, hell I thought Russell Brand was the shit. Good job on your burn out it was bad ass. Like I said now I know.👍👍

  8. I don’t like how you joined them instead of them joining you you are the rightful owner of smile more but your company your choice I’ll still support you

  9. genuinely makes me a little emotional watching these videos im 22 now and have been watching since i was 12/13 ive seen the whole growing process of the family, really appreciate the videos you put out and proud to see how far you have come

  10. Hello thanks for All amazing awesome vlogs could I please be all your sons best friend ever and all your daughters best friend ever and all your family best friend ever


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