Nikken Is Trying My Project!

Today was a special day! Matt and Jen support us and watch our content. Today its Jen’s birthday and Matt asked if we could give her a shout out and we loved the idea!

Nikken has been gone for 1 week, due to his finger feeling funky. He Is trying a few problem and doing his thing.

He then decided to try my project and see how it feels 😀

Snapchat Eric.bouldering


Happy Playground – Merlean
Screaming Out (Instrumental Version) – Martin Hal
LOVE (Instrumental Version) – Martin Hall
Once I Was A Cat (Instrumental Version) – Suffer City

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  1. Nikken, you will forever be my favorite climber to watch. I feel like I know you personally and climb in the gym with you. Love your videos Eric, keep it up. I always watch them!!

  2. I just started climbing a few weeks ago but I really love your videos man, its so cool and motivating to see Nikken and everyone climb super hard problems. Also dig the choice of music

  3. This edit was also very well done! Spotless and not choppy at all. It is nice to see the personalities that come out during the episode. Honestly, when the personalities come out, it is awesome and makes the video fun and exciting! The slow-mo and the 'flashbacks' are very clean and overall a nice edit man! It is so cool to see your improvement as a videographer and a climber! I have been here since the beginning and am ecstatic to see you guys still having fun!!!

  4. Hey Eric! Your videos got me to hunt down a friend that was not (super) injured for my own videos! Your ability to show people's personalities both off and on the wall is awesome, and it makes these videos so enjoyable! Keep up the good work.

  5. What is a Jimmy Webb sloper? and what does Jimmy Webbing a Jimmy Webb sloper mean? 😀

    really good video, music fits perfectly, well done Eric!
    on a side note – how warm is it in your gym these days?

  6. I know it has nothing to do with climbing but I'm fascinated by Nikken's tattoos! Maybe show them off in a future video please?! ^^ Love your videos, Eric, very motivational!

  7. Is anybody actively working the Black Diamond project at the gym at the moment? When I see purple grips like that now I always think about it. What they really should do is to break it down into bouldering sections so guys can try the parts. Especially that roof that Ondra dropped off of the last time he tried it.

  8. Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was an amazing surprise. I show my mom your videos occasionally and I had her watch the video today and she said, "Is that Tor?" lol

  9. Hi, don't know if you read these ones, but… 🙂 I think you should start looking into merchandise. Like shirts and stuff with cool quotes such as Try Hard, Keep Failing, Strong, etc. 🙂 Also, together with this comes branding. You should look into creating a logo or something, which you could then put on the shirt. If only 10% of your subscribers buys something, you have sold 3500 t-shirts. I for sure would. 😉 Good luck!

  10. My husband and I are arriving from New York City to Sweden on June 8th for one week and we plan on checking out this amazing climbing gym. We've been big fans and supporters of your channel and find it to be a part of our daily routine. Do you recommend a better time to come during the day and if there's any chance we could meet ya guys – that would be a special treat! Hope all is well. Cheers! -Jason and Grace


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