Niki Lauda: A Legacy

Niki Lauda was a friend, a mentor, a hero. In this never-before-published interview, Niki Lauda shares what he learned throughout his incredible life. He speaks about success, about winning, about losing. And most importantly: about learning.

Thank you, Niki. For everything.

Niki Lauda (1949-2019)

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  1. I am a big Red Bull Fan i have to admit that.
    But seeing this listening to Toto's and Lewis Hamiltons Words. Brings Tears to my Eyes.
    Mercedes Benz you lost someone you Deeply loved and looked up to.
    I am sry for your los,aswell i am sry for our great Country of Austria. Sadly because of my Job i coudnt make it to Stepahnsdom.
    From one Person to all the people at Mercedes and the Formula One i feel with you.
    Stay strong and keep fighting.

  2. 1:21 this is why I loved Niki as a person, he wasn't afraid to speak the truth but I never once heard him blame someone else in his life. I was so impressed how he evolved with F1. Thank you Niki

  3. One of the most, if not the most respected man in my opinion… Such a strong character, such a wonderful person… RIP

  4. Thank you for this Mercedes Benz, Niki will always be cherished not just for his accomplishments but for what he taught us on how to be human. Long live his memory.

  5. I thought I had finished with all the tears. Then I watch this, and I'm welling up again. :,(

    Thank you, Niki, for showing us how to live, how to learn, how to be human and how to be a Legend.

  6. Man, this gave me goosebumps…. What an absolute legend.
    There are many things in that video alone, that Niki taught me.
    Like challenging my fear to help get over it, and value losing to help myself improve next time.
    He is by far one of the biggest, and always will be one of the biggest names of Formula 1.
    I’ve only followed Formula 1 the last few years, but not having him around at all for the races was weird at first and was hoping he’d make a strong recovery, but now, it’s upsetting, because you know he is no longer with us, but you can tell his positive spirit is still there. Which makes it feel like he hasn’t left us in a way. I just like to think of it that staying positive and keeping our chins up is what Niki would want. He’d want us to carry on, like he bravely did in Monza after his life-changing accident.
    I wasn’t around when Niki was racing, and I’d love to be able to watch some of his old races. Mercedes’ success wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Niki, and the sport wouldn’t be what it is today either if Niki wasn’t part of it.
    He’s brought lots to the sport and because of him, as well as all my other F1 heroes like Hamilton, I love Formula 1! To the point I follow it religiously.
    I’ll be attending Mercedes’ home race in Hockenheim, Germany this year, and I’ll wear a red cap to honour you Niki.
    Thanks for everything man. RIP ❤️🙏🏼🇦🇹

  7. That was tremendous. Listening to that man speak was always well spent. You folks were quite fortunate to have been able to work with him and in return people such as myself should be thankful in return.

    Thank you Mr Lauda.

  8. Irgendwie kann man es immer noch nicht richtig glauben. Die Formel 1 hat mit Niki ein Aushängeschild, aber vor allem eine tolle Persönlichkeit verloren. #dankeniki

  9. wir werden dich ewig vermissen, wir werden dich nie vergessen, danke niki, daß du da warst, und das wir viel von dir lernen konnten…thank you niki

  10. His face may have changed after the accident but his eyes never changed. Look at his eyes when he smiles. Even disfigured he was a beautiful person his whole life.

  11. Manche Menschen müssen sterben um Legenden zu werden, aber du lieber Niki bist zu Lebzeiten zur Legende geworden. Ich ziehe meine Kappe vor dir!

  12. There were few things Herr Lauda didn’t get the chance to do, but he didn’t succeed at everything. What he did achieve, though, despite being a decorated racing driver, a pilot, an entrepreneur, and chairman of the most successful Formula 1 team of modern times, was to show us all what it means to be intelligent, motivated, dedicated, honest, and a damned hard worker. Niki owed his successes to nobody but himself – that is what he has taught me.


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