Nightmare in Nashvegas

After 20 years, Teresa moves out of her home and Frank moves in with his kids. Dolores hosts a Nashville getaway. A fight between Teresa and Margaret leaves the group divided.

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  1. Well, that’s what happens when you dig at the “love bubble”! It blows up in your face, literally.
    Personally, I don’t understand why Margaret thinks she has to KEEP bringing rumors up. It’s just like with Jennifer. IMO Margaret was a trigger point for her. I imagine Jen looks at her and knowing Marge cheated on her own husband with Bill, the pain came flooding back as if the “other woman” is bragging on how she ruined another woman’s marriage.
    And for Teresa and Louie?? Delores is right, Teresa can handle her own problems. However, Once Teresa gets something in her head- she’s gonna harp on it tens times as bad.

  2. We will all see one day who Margaret really is. She knows everyone in New Jersey. Her and her husband knew about the Evan rumor and Jennifer's husband. She just knows how to hide it well. One of these seasons everyone will see what a snake she is. That's why her husband said he knew about the rumors because his wife loves to talk. She is in everyone's business. She is definitely talking to people about everyone in that group. I believe Jennifer when she said Margaret was talking about Joe Gorga.

  3. So how come no one calls out Margaret when she threw wine more than once in someone's face? Or when she pushed someone in a pool.  The Teresa hate train is getting tired and old.

  4. Margaret can have her concerns or opinions about Louis, but constantly bringing it up is becoming a bit much. I understand why Teresa would be frustrated BUT she’s like 50 years old throwing drinks and glass at someone…it’s embarrassing. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. Margaret kept talking about Louie and Jennifer's affair. That's all she talked about. Of course someone is going to think she is spreading rumors. People hate Teresa so much they don't see what Margaret is doing. She's a snake

  6. I'm getting tired of Jackie talking about people digging. Nobody is worried about her and Evan. She needs to worry about her issues she's having with herself.

  7. Omg when Jackie turned Evan away for sex! Wow she is crazy lol. No blow jobs either. Evan is so sexy and they are on vacation. Why not have some fun Jackie?!Lady you better hope that affair rumor isn't true lol.

  8. why is teresa on this show anymore? who throws a drink on someone? who speaks that way to another human? garbage. Caroline & Jacqueline called it out seasons ago.. I feel bad for Melissa that she has such a garbage sister in law..

  9. Margaret deserve it she has been disgusting 🤮 as well but oh how dare anyone else tell her anything. Ppl just dislike her because of her extreme actions lol. Dolores and frank are the best Dolores u are faithful to who u are and who ur friends are that’s loyalty.

  10. When someone calls out Teresa on her BS all she does is either walk away or physically over reacts because she knows people are right. She will leaned the hard with Louie like she did with juicy joe. She literally has gotten into fights with Every single cast member since season one. At what point is she going to ask herself is it me? Am I the drama?

  11. Teresa is embarrassing, she's got four daughters that look up to her. The queen is falling. A good man doesn't need defending. Louie should have stopped that situation immediately. They belong together. Welcome to your world Louie of chaos & drama surrounds her. This was disgusting to watch a 50-year-old woman act this way. I'm done. With bravo completely. She should have been fired when she had Margaret's hair pulled. Enough is enough…

  12. That's rich. Theresa's momo ass calling Margaret white trash. Yeah, shes the one throwing drinks and starting shit. Theresa and her simp Louis, need to get the @$*k of this platform. Both are disgusting.

  13. Teresa was totally wrong and her behavior sucked. Louie is going to get tired of this bad behavior as this is more than just a show it’s their life .

  14. OKAY BRAVO …Now give Treasa her OWN show. She's the reason why everyone watches RHONJ… !!!! Don't yall lie.. She brings all the excitement to the show… Can't change My mind either. I've watched from the VERY beginning and have never missed 1 show!!!! I OWN every season and have re-watched all several times!!!

  15. Dolores is an AMAZING friend. Her loyalty is what everyone in this world searches for. Love Dolores ❤ TEAM DOLORES and TRESEA!! FOREVER!!!! GET MARGARET OUT, She is ruining RHONJ 🤮 Can't stand her entitled azz, She is such a damn trouble maker. FOH MARG! But I will say it was satisfying watching that drink all over her White dress 😂😂😂😂😂😂 GOOOOOO TRESEA!!!

  16. Margaret let's be real. You're not concerned about Teresa… because you blatantly can't stand her. You're bitter because your friendship is broken and Teresa's a bitch to you… I think Teresa is a child and needs to act like a lady, but doesn't have brain capacity. However Margaret… Just leave her be and stop acting like you care about her and Louie. Literally disregard her.

  17. Teresa's the trashy one. You don't throw drinks at people just because you don't like what they say. Teresa's brain cant make good arguments so she resorts to getting physical. And embarrassment.

  18. Teresa is sensitive because her family was destroyed once and now she’s getting another chance and Marge who talks like her nose is pinched and some of the others are hating. Smfh I’m glad Teresa got her. She deserved it straight up and Jackie talks like that too nasally


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