Nightly News Full Broadcast – November 20th

Chaos erupts at Atlanta Airport amidst Thanksgiving travel, Protests across the U.S. over Kyle Rittenhouse trial verdict, and CDC greenlights Covid boosters for all adults.

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Comment (1,556)

  1. I just don't understand NBC. If there is no America, there is no NBC, yet NBC seems to be doing everything it can to tear America apart, rich vs. poor, black vs white, red states vs blue states.. NBC should remember what Pres. Kennedy said about riding the back of the tiger.

  2. Français  Anglais

    dans le monde, il existe une anarchie intellectuel qui ne cadre avec la logique propre de l'éducation mais avec les us de l'ethnie à laquelle on appartient et de l'entité et de la compagnie. de ce fait nous assistons à ce que nous appelons des choses marantes en état d'éveil et on se demande si nous devons continuer à se battre pour le pays auquel nous sommes originaire? fait marquant: – x voit un événement – son voisin aussi voit le dit événement – x lui demande ce qu'ils sont en train de voir pour comprendre – et le voisin dit qu'il ne comprend pas prdons nous notre temps?
    in the world, there is an intellectual anarchy which does not fit with the proper logic of education but with the customs of the ethnic group to which one belongs and of the entity and the company. therefore we are witnessing what we call awakening funny things and we wonder if we should continue to fight for the country we are from? highlight: – x sees an event – his neighbor also sees the said event – x asks him what they are seeing to understand – and the neighbor says he doesn't understand are we taking our time?

  3. A silver suit against Rittenhouse will not help because Rittenhouse is the same color as a bag of marshmallows and that's white. I won't be surprised if the judge is related to Rittenhouse probably his uncle.

  4. Français  Anglais

    compte tenu des maladies et du fait que vous soyez pères il faut que les filles vous fuient prce que si vous êtes pères de nouveau aller vous faire avorter le demoiselle si vous êtes en impossibilité financière quand on sait que le risque de rupture d'une protection du fait d'une baisse de tension en production et que cela ne se deroule sur la longueur de votre engin et de l'ordre 70%, causes de tous vos problèmes pour reussir: maladie et efants.
    taking into account the illnesses and the fact that you are fathers, the girls must flee from you early if you are a father again, go and have the young lady have an abortion if you are in financial impossibility when we know that the risk of breach of protection due to a drop in voltage in production and this does not take place over the length of your machine and around 70%, causes of all your problems to succeed: illness and children.

  5. Let’s see. A minor with a power rifle across a state line running like mad after protesters and murdering two and hurting a third, and he is not guilty??? B#*]£it! And yes, the judge was totally biased.

  6. How sad. C'mon people first off that's not your money that's stealing and don't take whats not yours. Also how about making sure everyone in that wreck is ok and seeing if anyone needs help how about that!

  7. I can't wait to see what the consequences are for not getting the booster shot is. You can't work & make a living, you can't go to restaurants, you can't fly on a plane or even go to school. Does this country still value freedom?

  8. He must of not been illegal alien, they don’t have to go thru check points .. congrats to KR on standing his ground , taking on the media , and sticking it up Brandon and what’s her faces nose . Don’t bring a skateboard to a gun fight .. oh wait they had a gun also ..

  9. Keep the money. You deserve it. The armor company insurance is already cutting a check.. never trust officer of the law they aren't your lawyer. The more money they get back the more they get to keep for new cars. Rioting is a form of terroristic acts… I can't feel sorry 😐…

  10. I love your news,so optimistic about life, that 11yearold ,so smart,and has a big heart,God bless him always,thank you for showing that video,it made my day,

  11. Really the cops are going to track down people that stole one dollar bills? Yes they can track people by their license plate but were is the proof of how much anybody actually took. Is the debt ceiling going to go up more after a few thousand dollars are lost when we are at about 29 trillion in debt.

  12. I'm 45 years old and I am just trying to figure out how come it is that I have seen this happen over the years armored trucks fleeing bank robbers and other weirdos littering the roadways with money in Southern California how come that happens nowhere else it's always California I guess everybody's so rich around there they just throw and give away money. And what they report in the news is correct it's not those people's money who was scooping it up and stuffing their pockets shame on them dishonesty thieves and robbers but however it's kind of fair game Finders Keepers losers weepers whoever lost the money should have kept their money more secure what a liability they are to themselves so you can't blame other people and threatened them with criminal charges for taking the money

  13. "gunman fleeing"

    Oh c'mon, stop twisting up the narrative just for political power, authorities declared it an accidental discharge, not a mass shooting or whatever

  14. @Huber's father: Your son died a Hero. It was a very good death. Case closed. If you want to be a greater hero yorself, just do same justice as your son did and try to disarm a man with a gun. Maybe you can do it better. Good luck!

  15. Everybody screams for justice. The written house case went through the judicial system, and a verdict was rendered by the jurors. We have to accept that result even though it doesn't go in our favor. Violence is not the answer to try and bully your way to change the verdict

  16. If any person lost cash they say meh oh well better be safer with your cash yet a federal truck loses it and it’s a crime wtf 😳 🤦‍♂️

  17. I’m from the Netherlands and those weren’t demonstrators. That a rioters who just want to loot and pillage and show what big boys they are to their other hooligan friends.

  18. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk could single-handedly fund the Build Back Better bill. Maybe if they’d been paying their fair share of taxes this whole time the government wouldn’t have to fight over the price tag bc the money would just be there.

  19. "How does he get to walk free after killing him" <- Because it was legitimate self defense, and you should have raised your son to be more wise, given that you can sit here and say that shows the general lack of critical thinking skills your family has. Ultimately this is on you; raise your kids better. You know like teaching them not to try to enact vigilante justice (the thing the people mad about this are claiming kyle did, lol), or participate in riots. Maybe teach him not to try to take someone's gun, unless cornered and it's the last ditch effort when you KNOW they INTEND to shoot YOU.

    inb4 "blah blah blah active shooter" Stop. Don't be so mentally deficient. An active shooter is marked by rapidity, scale, and randomness. Rittenhouse did not fire on anyone who put their hands up and stopped advancing, you see this SEVERAL times in the video footage. While running TOWARDS THE COPS TO TURN HIMSELF IN after shooting the first person in self defense they didn't fire at anyone else until he was prone and being assaulted, and the only people who died are the ones who attempted to take his weapon away. Anyone saying he's an "active shooter" is disingenuous, and they either do it because they are ignorant in which case smarten up. Or they do it because of a political alignment; to condemn a person for such a reason is evil… But you Mr Huber, you do it to deny reality; the reality that it was just deserts.

  20. I’m glad the racist narrative that the left was pushing to create demoralized subversion picture of this and taking advantage of the Woke cult didn’t effect the court room. Still now that community is damaged from white college students being used like CIA operatives to destroy the Kenosha so the elite wealthy can continue their gentrification process at a quicker rate. Crazy they use anti racism to push their raciest agenda

  21. If the Top 10 richest people in the world spent half of their income to solve world hunger, it would equal 577 Billion dollars. This is enough money to solve world hunger for well over 20 years. Imagine how many other problems could be solved with 577B dollars. Solve homelessness in America? Not even a question. Please realize the biggest “challenges” are sometimes the easiest to solve.

    (This is not a rant against the rich. If every middle or lower class person in US gave 10$, it’d equal more than 1B dollars. I don’t support a globalist government either. The act of giving is only respected when it’s a free choice anyways. This is to make you realize how deceptive the world really is, including the media, when they push all these catastrophes but then offer no solutions. They know anger=attention=ad revenue.)

    “The truth will set you free.” -Jesus Christ

  22. It is great to hear the Rittenhouse verdict. Common sense finally prevailed against the liberals like NBC news and the violent protesters who had no right to be out there showing their violence. It is about time. 💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢

  23. Why do you have to say pandemic leave covid out of this that is all y'all talk about just stop it always talking about a surge yall people are crazy fr sad very sad and y'all ain't right neither firing people if they dont get the jab you are wrong do you people have a conscious.


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