Niagara Falls becomes a ‘winter wonderland’ – BBC News

The world-famous waterfall is transformed into a winter wonderland as a cold snap presents shivering tourists with breathtaking views.

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  1. Thats a place where you could experience iced water spray. Dont believe it when the locals say that it isnt cold, especially when you come from the tropic or US West Coast.

  2. I made the same comment to the BBC, why are you not showing the Canadian site even though is the most beautiful site. I thought we Canadians as a British Colony we would rank a little higher than the Americans but also the Canadian site of Niagara Falls are always considered the most beautiful. BBC you dropped the mike on that one.

  3. Why are Canada, North America Russia and central Europe seeing increased cold weather? Simples… As Siberia slides up to the geographic north, the huge land mass accumulates more snow and ice and ultimately icebergs, the intense cold is leaking south. As the sea between Greenland and Siberia moves south, the north is losing the benefit of a 'warmer' area which used to help increase the overall temperature in the geographic north pole.

  4. In the early eighties, professional people told us that palm trees would be able to grow in my hometown by 2020 if things keep going like they were. It actually got worse than what they predicted. Stayed cold. Lol. Minus 12 degrees Celsius today. Next year palm trees.
    Lesson. " Professionals" can be wrong and have been. It's a tax grab. Blatant transfer of wealth.

  5. Bible says, in the last days Natural Disasters will increase, these are God's Judgements, repent and follow Jesus his your only hope. And, Don't take the 666 Mark of the Beast!! RFID chip

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  7. I always find it interesting to see how much people want to come to Niagara Falls, I mean I see it pretty much everyday, so in a way I never got that amazement from seeing it for the first time

  8. She really really really needs to be able to properly name the power generation station, that’s she’s been labeled as the spokeswoman for lol. I live in the Golden Horseshoe near the falls. And that was cringe worthy.


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