NFL Play Call: How Hard Can It Be?

To anyone besides a football player, an NFL play call sounds like long-winded gibberish. Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms gives us his favorite play call — and explains what it means. Photo: Getty Images

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Comment (106)

  1. Little misleading as this is the inherently complex nature of the West Coast system. Many more teams nowadays use simpler systems and so a common playcall like the one above would be called:
    Coryell System: 'Split Change 9 – 9 – 5'
    Erdhart-Perkins: 'Ghost/Kings'

  2. Anybody who thinks this guy has credibility on calling plays in a huddle needs to look up Jon gruden telling him the play 9 times and he still couldn’t get it right. All he had to do was repeat it.

    C’mon New York Times I thought you were better then this. New York Times I thought you had credibility. I’m scratching my head. C’MON

  3. Yeah but he had trouble with: Green Right X, Shift to Viper Right, 382 X Stick Looky
    (Gruden kept helping him as he just couldn't get it so he knows how we feel).

  4. It’s difficult for the QB because he’s in charge of every position. If you’re a lineman, receiver or rb you just listen to the part of the play that concerns your assignment.


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