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  1. This is good to hit 200 quick but you still need a lot of the lower wood for crafting so wouldn’t it just be better to level through normal methods to take both out at once

  2. I’m surprised it took this long for a video to come out about this😂 found this day 1 now the spots gonna be ruined for the few who are just finding it 😂

  3. this is the best youtube channel about NW content ever, straight to the important info, no 20 minute video.
    thanks for your content man, keep the good work

  4. The problem is. You don't need it. You still need lvl 0 and lvl 50 wood the most. The soft cap of loggin is 100 where you get Wyrdwood. That's just it. You don't need 200

  5. This is a fast way, but this still takes quite some time to get to 175, if you unlock the ironwood trees you get 200 in no time, but to get from 100 to 175 you need 500k logging exp, so I would still go for lower tier trees and get my wood working up. Now I just wanted to get logging to 200 and I was just lvl 32, so I had to chop low tier trees for the most time, which is very ineffective but a good way to make some money, since on my server the raw wyrd wood is cheaper than the green wood.

  6. lol yet another how to lvl <insert gathering ability> to 200 fast that ignores the first 100 levels. How you get the first 100 without hitting trees like your title says my man? (answer for anyone who doesn't know, you go hit tree's)

  7. Sorry to ask bro but I'm desperate.. I just bought this game and I love it. However I'm having issues now in regards with "Input Latency" My server SEA pin is around 200ms and my input lag ingame is somewhat around 170ms-300ms and currently not enjoying this game because of this spike lags specially during battles 🙁

    I have fiber connection with 50Mbps upload and download speed with 5ms Ping other online games works fine just this game.Saw some videos that suggests to check or lower the setting and firewall etc and still no luck 🙁

    My Pc Specs
    MSI B550 Tomahawk
    Ryzen 5 3600
    MSI GTX 1660 super
    16 GB Ram

    Hopefully someone can help me.. i really want to play and enjoy this game. ❤

  8. 2 days ago i was doing the quest around that place and i couldn't chop the dogs so there was a dude getting my kills lol, he prob lvled alot his skills while i was questing there

  9. NOooooooooooo delete the video.. This is MY SPOT! Damn Now I got people to compete with when I need to farm wyrdwood 🙁 Atleast im 200 logging so thats something.


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