NEW Tesla Model 3 SR+ Review: The Gift That Keeps Giving | 4K

Tesla has updated the Model 3. The new Standard Range + is the cheapest available in the UK and now comes with a nicer, quieter interior, double glazed windows, longer range, improved efficiency and arguably better looks. Check out Rory’s Christmas-themed Review to find out more.

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Comment (1,156)

  1. This video was extremely well done, and I really enjoyed watching it till the end. Thanks for the great info and great entertainment!

  2. I bought a Model 3 Performance, best car I've ever driven. I've never had so much fun in a car! The sound system is otherworldly!!

  3. Loved the review, but again another review without what you can control when driving by voice command over 88 commands for everything you would need while driving.

  4. Elon is a magical and majestic animal. Contacting him is only possible through a similar paper airplane based format. If you throw a little weed in with the letter, you have a better chance of summoning him.

  5. I hope thats not the car that up for grabs, because scratches on the roof, stone chips down the sides, its going back to the paint shop for that poor winner!!

  6. This review is… FUN! Who else is taking a review car through the mud, slipping and sliding (and I bought a 2021 red Model 3 SR+ primarily because it IS the classic rear wheel drive!). Great job, great review, great balance of plus and minus, and FUN!

  7. It does have blind spot monitoring unfortunately it's on the centre screen and not on the mirror.

    The lane will light up red if you indicate to move lanes and a car is there.

  8. Who ever thought the future will be very quiet 🤫 car with no engine screaming exhaust spitting fire 🔥 with loud noise’ driver scream f*** yes listen to that 700bhp loud monster engine goes this is incredible😂 soon you won’t even see or hear 👂 it when a super car goes pass you..

  9. It speaks volumes about how good this car is when the only things he can find to complain about are blind spot monitoring and a heated steering wheel. (The latter is standard on the LR and Performance models btw).

  10. The user interface for apple devices is absolutely fine – you can even synch you calendar to it, and it will automatically give you a route to your next calendar meeting . I have an MX, and I’m a professional software tester specialising in UX and UI… having owned a fair few cars over the years, I have to say Tesla have almost nailed it when it comes to usability. Perfect? No… there’s always room for improvements, but the competition, with their Apple play and Google interfaces literally pale into insignificance. Teslas are nothing more than computers on wheels. You have a glitch?… Just reboot it.

  11. we visited there last Oct. & it was awesome.. i've ordered the tri motor fsd ct & i can't wait for it to get here!! I may buy the S or the Y in the meantime..i got lots of solar & back up battery system as well. i love spaceX

  12. Ahem, so if you've got a mobility problem and are in a wheelchair, then you can hit the button to OPEN the tailgate, but once it's up, how does a wheelchair person ever reach the button to close the tailgate ???? They can't. Duh.

  13. You want all think in a car blind spot detecter, heated steering wheel ,everythink in the a low price car they providing lot of think 0 to 60 in 5 sec in only 35000 $ car ,high build quality 5 star rating , and electric car

  14. What a great quality video . Love seeing this. We have many Tesla customers in for work , quite popular in a de chrome. Nice to see the new Tesla model 3 doesn't have it !! We have just uploaded our latest video showing you some cool stuff we did on a few Teslas. Give it a watch it might give you some insight on what simple mods can be done 🙂

  15. a truly brilliant car in every possible way, but i really cannot get used to having literally everything speedometer included on a side screen and not in front of me, it may be a small bit, but i really strongly dislike it

  16. One other thing that only Tesla can say: their emblem looks like Thor’s hammer, done Heavy Metal style! (Which will be even better on Cybertruck)

  17. Expertly presented information with top tier production gift wrapped with humour make this Model 3 review the best out there.
    Heated wheel now enabled now puts this car even further ahead as a no brainer for the money.

  18. I love my m3p the blind spot thing is no problem even at 64 I can still turn my head, in the biker world it's the life saver, no need for a light on the mirror do like this guys video's though maybe topgear is very educational.

  19. Great review, the style is great, humour plus genuine opinion on the cars features. Special credit to Rory for including the value of the electric boot for people using a wheelchair or with mobility issues. Glad Elon is listening to you 😉 My current car I have a boot strap, and auto open is the dream. As is a Tesla. I've entered the competition to win one….in it to win it 😊✨✨


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