New Range Rover Evoque – Warning Signs

The new Range Rover Evoque is built for city, but does it have the trademark all-terrain capability we’ve all come to expect from a Land Rover? The signs say yes.

Visit to explore the new Range Rover Evoque.

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  1. Pfft in my city, we don’t have a road that isn’t like this, if u don’t believe me try coming and driving in Hyderabad or Bangalore. There is a saying-
    If u can drive in India,
    U can drive anywhere in the world


  2. I finally got a new evoque, although it is not a full package, it is very high quality. The vehicle is comfortable and driving pleasure is different. But I would like it to be R dynamic 😊

  3. Hey land rover now u people tried towing everything with discovery how about u tow with this beast machine this just my opinion okay 👍

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  5. 0:56 It looks nice inside in the dark range rover evouqe and nice that it has a camera.. I think I don't have the camera in the mirror but.. only in the screen because my car was an old model Range Rover Sport 2013 (what makes sport was supercharged autobiography hse hst)


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