In this episode, we built the overhangs over the front and back doors and we also installed all of the sub-fascia on our off grid shipping container home. You also get to see the new little addition to the farm! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! It really helps out our channel and it’s a great way to show us some love! 🙂

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  1. I am sorry I can’t find any video either it might have been in an episode of This Old House, but I looked myself and I couldn’t find anything, but I remember seeing Tom Silva cut the boards at 45 degree angles to each other and glued the ends as well. I think he also did it with PVC made boards. I saw your video today and it looks like you will be fine. I really love the containers as homes movement. I hope you have a great day. Hug the donkeys for me.

  2. Hey Spencer LOL we all were truly wondering if lol awww man can't stop laughing wondering if she can walk and chew gum at the same time lolol lol LOL lol awww I peeeeeeeeeeeeed a little love your channel and for a couple that hasn't built something large like this before I'm a 33 year G. Contractor and your doing a good job

  3. I have always loved container homes and yours it really cool. Love the uneven alignment of the containers to give you a porch section on each end. Also, love Earthship homes and it would be so cool to combine the two. Anywhooz, keep up the awesome work and working together. 🙂

  4. Happy household praying
    행복한 가정 이루워지시길

    I Lover you
    당신들을 사랑합니다

    행복하시고 화목하세여

    Dae han min guk
    대 한 만 국


  5. For the record, I definitely have not been binging your videos all day… but out of curiosity, I was wondering what you guys did before this? And why you chose this lifestyle? Mad props to you guys, this series is inspiring

  6. I have followed you 2 and subscribed and have asked many many many questions. No answers yet. I know you are busy but some are answered. 1 how deep did you dig your foundation ? 2 how high are you off the ground ?? 3 why a 48 volt system and not 24 ? 5 do you have a well or are you planning to capture rain water ? Thank you

  7. Back in the 70's our folks had a horse ranch and they had a burro named Amigo and he loved my wife, she would follow my wife around the ranch like a puppy dog. One day when we were leaving to go back home and Amigo came over and bumped the front fender then she bit the top of the fender and made two teeth marks down to the primer. She didn't want my wife to go and that was our new car too. I still have that car and the teeth marks are still there.

  8. No sé si terminaron la casa ! Igual lo que importa es que estén juntos !!!!!!! En esa u otra casa más bella !!!!! Donde sea pero juntos !!!! Saludos desde Montevideo Uruguay !!!!!!

  9. your deffinitley one for words 😄 our Ass farm just grew 😛 keep up the humor…I would of saved all your vids cause the are SIMPLY amazing 😄…you folks are living alot of Dreams 👍👍 from PGH PA ✌

  10. I love how organized you both are. Spencer, you have so many skills, and a lot of tool know-how. I love watching the progress on this cool project. It's going to be beautiful! Mackenzie is so funny and lovely. 🌲 -Harry

  11. You guys are so amazing I love it. You both are in the same mindset it makes things so much easier more blessing for you guys. Great job looking really good.

  12. You are all hilarious while balanced by Spenser’s grim determination. Keep it up, you’ll get him to crack a smile lol. Speaking of learning you are so right…a little a day gets a lot done.

  13. Hi, I've been watching your videos for about a week now and you both seem so positive all the time, did you ever get really down and think, what have we done

  14. Watching all your videos regularly like a web series 🤩🤩🤩🤩. You both are really amazing……your videos are literally making my days…. awesome

  15. I am loving your videos, however I see a big mistake yall are making. Your painting the soffits on all sides. Wood will rot faster if you don't leave a unpainted side so the moisture can wick out. I built a big porch and did the same thing. I painted all the boards on all sides and it rotted out within a year. I rebuilt it and only painted the top and it lasted 15 years. Your not going to stop water from getting in, so you have to leave a raw side for the moisture to wick out. To late now but if you read this you can learn from my mistake. Well yours to now. lol


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