*NEW* LEAGUE of LEGENDS Mod in Among Us

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  1. Mod idea: slug it out, imposter:use goul slugs to defeat the crew mates but the crew mates can collet slugs to fight the imposter and there is a 5% that you can get an elemental.

  2. You get a random element at the beginning then you can get more and more until you get all four elements then you fight the fire lord then when you defeat him you can escape
    But the imposter can run around as the fire lord when your bar runs out you become a loyal fire
    Worrier and lower the other peoples bars by doing a fire ball ability

  3. Ssundee this is a mod idea you should do a rise of kingdom’s mod in among us it’s a mobile game like league of legends I don’t know how to explain the game but it’s pretty fun

  4. I remember the T-Rex mod from way back. Why not do something with dinosaurs again? You could do a survival one like Jurassic Park where one person is the human/among us bean, and everyone else is dinosaurs trying to kill them before they escape. You could also one where the imposter can turn into different dinosaurs each with their own abilities (Pterodactyl Flight, T-rex Eat and Poop, Brontodon Long Neck Grab/Pull, Ankylosaurus Speed Ball Roll, Raptor Attack, Stegosaurus Spike Shoot, Triceratops Stomp etc.

  5. (Fish mode in among us) every one is a fish who needs to finish there tasks. To go fast they have a fish bowl to role around in. The imposter is a cat who can throw fish food at the fish to make them eat and then the fish explode. The cat can cook the fish and eat them. There is also a mini game where the fish have to role in there fish bowl to the end. The imposter can throw puffer fish at the crew mates to poison them and they get so swollen that they die. To much fish food can kill a fish. The fish can hide In coral around the map. The imposter wins by the fish Dying. The imposter can also go invisible by throwing a chef hat on him or her self. The fish can go splash little puddles to stay hydrated and not die

  6. As a league of legends player this mod gives me pain watching. SSunde learn the names of everything please! The frog is called “Gromp” the blue rock thing is “Blue Buff” and the purple thing I’m pretty sure is “Rift Herald” and the dragon is the infernal drake!!!

  7. Mod idea: drawing mod ya’ll are bad at drawing but you can sketch to level up but IDK A ARTIST??? Try’s to stop you by spraying paint on you and you need to go to a sink but you cant see and your left is you right and your right is your left, some one can get a wipe to help you but there’s a timer and it’s 8 minutes if you can’t get to the big sketch pad after you finish your tasks and getting to level 5 the artist/inposter wins, but if your the artist/inposter you get abilities like face paint you can paint your self to look like someone else you can also throw the inposter out of the hmm….art museum??? art studio??? idk you can pick that! I love you videos please do this mod ❤️❤️❤️

  8. I’d love a sequel to this mod where it’s done in two teams and you have to destroy the other teams towers and/or crystals like real league.


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