New Land Rover Discovery – The Ultimate Family SUV

The New Land Rover Discovery embodies the spirit of family adventure, combining the capability to explore any environment with an exceptional design evolution and a versatile, intelligently packaged interior. Explore the vehicle now:

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  1. I wanna be a brand ambassador of land rover this is my first wish and last wish, I dream that I owned all the range rover cars in my garage, don't know when it be but the know sometimes magic happens.
    Remember by name is Manish pant and I'm a brand ambassador of RR(LR)

  2. Just ordered mine with p360 yesterday. Switching from Audi to Rover. I am so excited for that car. Hopefully the pivi pro turns out to be great. Hated the old infotainment. But can anyone tell me where those side steps can be configured? I ordered every option but couldnt find the side steps.

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