New Land Rover DEFENDER – An Icon Reimagined

Engineered and built without compromise, the new Land Rover DEFENDER is in a category of its own. Reimagined for the digital generation and built for adventurous hearts and curious minds. Defender is our most capable Land Rover yet with either a 90 or 110 body design and a unique collection of personalisation options, allowing you to tailor yours to your lifestyle.

Visit to explore new Land Rover Defender.

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  1. At first I didn’t get it as a replacement of the Defender, but after seeing it more and more, it has grown on me and I can’t wait to see it in the flesh. I will never be able to afford one but I find it to be a vehicle I could live with for a long time if I had the money

  2. I hear so many people complaining about all the tech and the risks of it breaking and leaving you stranded. Of course that is a possibility and a reality for lots of current vehicles. My advice is to be prepared for the worst just like you would for any adventure. Previous all mechanical vehicles broke down too. I praise Land Rover for bringing this much advancement to the off-road market making it easier for the average person to experience more of this wonderful world.

  3. Alright Toyota, let's step your game up and show us what you got with the 6th gen 4runner. This new Defender is so well thought out and packed with technology. Looks amazing. Only draw back IMO is the large wheel sizes.

  4. You have added four USB ports to the rear seats but add a household style power outlet so that Defender owners could plug in a toaster, blender, laptop, mini refrigerator or a microwave oven and they can roam around their Defender through the forests of Dartmoor

  5. Simply gorgeous. No rivals come even close to its design and sheer class of its own. Can’t wait to test drive it, and pick my favourite pack.

  6. Wow, very beautiful vehicle designed. Absolutely the hand of Grand Master Auto designer.
    A combimation of Simple, Elegant, Marvelous and also completely fill up all customers looking for.
    Great SUV …

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