Neurology – Topic 31 – Nystagmus

Neurology – Topic 31 – Nystagmus

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  1. There seem to be a number of different causes of Nystagmus. This doctor directly addresses where in the brain this patient's Nystagmus originates. Excellent video.

  2. This is the exact problem that confirmed my diagnosis of MS. In hospital now for 5 days in Littleton, Colorado on IV prednisone, Baclofen and Klonipin. Day 4 of these drugs and the nystagmus is almost gone. Thanks for this video – great to explain to people what I'm dealing with.

  3. Nice video but I don't understand one thing and I hope you can help me out:
    Why do you call it a bilateral INO, I understand the left-sided INO (limitation of adduction combined with the nystagmus in the right eye at abduction). I do not understand the right-sided INO when looking to the left. I don't see a limitation of adduction so why do you call it a INO? 
    Thanks for helping me out, 

  4. Nystagmus is an important component in the HINTS exam – patient with vertigo and need to differentiate between peripheral/central cause. Peripheral cause will have all 3: head impulse positive, unilateral nystagmus and negative test of skew.

  5. I have nystagmus. But I have some other wierd side effects i'd be interested in hearing if other people have. Like when I'm in a long hallway or a large open room like a convention hall or stadium i have a sensation of falling upward or horizontally. Can't stand next to tall sky scrapers ether. It's terrifying


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