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After outscoring New York, 60-31, in the 2nd half, the Brooklyn Nets defeated the New York Knicks, 110-98. Kevin Durant recorded 32 PTS, 10 REB and 11 AST for the Nets, his 3rd triple-double of the season and 15th of his career, while Kyrie Irving added 24 PTS 8 REB and 7 AST in the victory. RJ Barrett tallied 23 PTS, 7 REB and 7 AST for the Knicks in the losing effort. The Nets improve to 42-38 on the season, while the Knicks fall to 35-45.
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Comment (924)

  1. It was a combination of luck and momentum for nets in the fourth quarter. As a net fans I'll take it, hope another more win between nets and cavs on friday.

  2. When Joe Harris come back there Nets the scariest team in the league. Ben Simmons attacking the basket got too many options to kick it out to. Kyrie,KD,Simmons penetrate. Got Kyrie, patty, Seth, KD, Bruce, jo Harris, cam Thomas shooting 3s🥶

  3. Yeah I saw that one of my favorite players ever Bernard King was in the building I know that was kind of difficult for him because he's from Brooklyn but he played for the Knicks

  4. Life long Knick fan–can't stand walter frazer's commentary…dumb juvenile rhymes–masterbating and elating in the timeout. His use of "big" words–used inappropriately for basketball action…wants to show that he's intelligent, surreptitious layup…omniscient pass. We used to laugh at his wardrobe–now it's infuriating–Ronald Mcdonald meets Bozo the clown. I tried the radio, but it doesn't match the screen. We now mute every time he speaks.

  5. Real funny how little we talk about kd considering what a fuckin absolute bucket he is. Oh yea Kyrie a fuckin bucket too. These dudes don’t talk to the media too much prolly cuz they to busy getting buckets

  6. Me knowing the Knicks all too well when I seen that big lead the first thing I did was look into my betting account and bet on the nets. Knicks historically blow big leads in the garden. I seen this happen numerous times over the last 18 years. It was easy money I should've placed a bigger bet.

  7. IDK…BK was lucky those 3s were droppin late. I'm tryin, but I don't see BK as 7th seed getting by Boston than MIL in B2B 7gm series. Or 8th seed getting past Miami and then likely TOR, without Kyrie in Canada on road games. Can't count them out but I've got big hopes for 2023 with KD, Kyrie, Ben, Seth, and hopefully some off-season deal for a long athletic Jarett Allen type at the 5 or something.

  8. I don't like the defensive scheme for the New York Knicks why do they keep double-teaming on every play and leaving one person open for the three that's how they came back

  9. Kyrie and KD had perfect chemistry and selflessness and they trusted each other so much

    This game is really what they could be everyday. Playoff time about to be scary if they advance from the playin

  10. Knicks off season adjectives :
    1. Fire Tim as coach.
    2. Trade randle for valuable assets.
    3. Do NOT involve Obi Toppin in any trades scenarios!.
    4. Improve this dam team!.

  11. Playing to your competition down by 20 at the half or in the third quarter and come back and win by that much they're going to be a problem you'll see

  12. Mannnn I'm a bucks fan fr Chicago and I have the bucks making it out of the easy again but if Brooklyn is clicking how they were in the 4th quarter they're going to be a tough out for anybody

  13. i am convinced annoucers are responsible for breaking loosing streaks..good or bad. dude be at the line…he hasmt missed since 1964….he makes this one, he wins the championship and gets his own planet, now mind you chuck he hasnt missed since he was born…and ohhhhhhhhh he left that one short…idk what happened…in this case…dude was crappin all over patty…hes been frigid….had a hot start but aint done ish all month…and now patty lights it up…i wish theyd be…ians been broke for sometime now, without a car and no girlfriend…doesnt look like hes gonna get….wait a minute…lol

  14. up by 20 and lose the game l blame the fans when the knicks was up by 20 and they was hot no cheering from the knicks fans they look scare no confidence in their team.

  15. GOD loves you enough to send HIS only SON to save you and if you repent and turn from your sins and be baptized in THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT. ((if you haven't )


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