Needle Felting is Painful

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These were the Needle Felt Artists I reacted to: – Pikachu – A Cat – Multiple Cats – Needle Felted Dog – A big compilation of different things
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Comment (2,464)

  1. I feel like you would love, needle felting onto the flat sheets. It's like painting with the roving, from a distance it can look like soft pastels and as you get closer you can see the textures, you can also add 3d elements and use different textured wools.

  2. This was cool and inspiring to watch! I've used the felt pads to make puppets before, but never tried needle felting and now I want to. I'd love to see you do more, as a challenge what if you tried making something spooky with it? A scary monster that contrasts to the soft and fluffy medium…

  3. I'd love to see you do more realism projects with this… ( Skillshare sponsorship? ) 👍
    ❤Also I'd love even more to see a reaction video where you show the lady at the craft store your pieces!!!❤

  4. I've been trying to get my friends to watch arcane for a loong time now. And now they hate whenever the word arcane leaves my mouth 🙁

  5. So exciting to finally see you dabble with needle felting! I have been doing needle felting for a while, and it is pretty challenging and time consuming, but also very therapeutic. I'm amazed by your creations so early on, well done Jazza! <3

  6. You could try needle felting a "painting". Create a flatter picture with layers on a sheet base. Maybe even Bob Ross inspired. But I will watch whatever you make. It's so nice to watch videos that you seem to enjoy making. You could try diamond painting in the future. Do all the crafts 😁😁

  7. Yep, welcome to needlefelting! It hurts like hell. I have stabbed myself with the needles so many times. You learn to wear proper covering, usually you can purchase these silicone thumbtacks to prevent getting stabbed. [Though if you're not paying attention, you may still stab yourself.] It's a fun thing to fully get into though, and there are people who create beautiful pieces of 3D artwork using needlefelting that look so real. I'm still learning myself, but I have learned that packing it tight? Is a VERY good thing. It's very time consuming, but it's good to let out aggression, at least for me! It's a fun way to craft.

  8. Really well done! Maybe you can make a felted painting or try wet felting next time. ORRrr (another one I love to do) spinning wol. You can use a drop spindle or spinning wheel.

  9. I got really into needle felting when I was in middle school. My favorite thing I made was a little chibi Legolas as a gift to my friend. I liked it so much I tried to take it back after I had given it to her

  10. You actually did amazing, especially for your first go. I remember trying to do this a while back and my first thing I made was horrible but I’ve gotten a little better now lmao 😜

  11. Needle felt a softball size Jazza avatar head as the dive, and a standing figurine of a semi-chibi werewolf. (Maybe like a more realistic body with big cutesy eyes) I think it would be interesting to see if you could get muscle definition in to a felt doll.

  12. Would love to see more needle felting! And suggesting using mixed media for the next one i.e. kinda like the videos did for the eyes but using apoxie sculpt or sculpey for the desired pieces to add to it. And as far as ideas I’m partial to ponies (of the MLP variety) or Pokémon (Abra or Mimikyu) or Gremlins (specifically Daffy).


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