Join me for my first ever visit to Kings Canyon National Park where I hike among the world’s most dramatic examples of old growth coniferous forest in Grant Grove. Grant Grove is home to the second largest tree, the General Grant a Giant Sequoia! It’s mid November 2021 and I almost have the park to myself! We’ll also hang out at my beautiful lakeside camp. Come along!

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  1. Kings Canyon always closes for the winter sometime in the middle of November. It's too bad you didn't know this because once you leave Hume Lake, the drive becomes spectacular, with the Kings River on one side and amazingly beautiful mountains all around you. It truly is a special kind of heaven back there. IMHO, it is equal to Yosemite.

  2. What a treat to accompany you on your hike through Kings Canyon National Park where you were dwarfed by the Giant Sequoias. I've only been to one Redwood National Park many years ago and have wanted to return to see the sequoias as well. I've read many tree books over the years and am so amazed by them. Your adventure seemed like a wonderful experience for you and it must have been pretty darn awesome to look upwards at them from your vantage point. I would have been tempted to hug a tree or two. Thanks for sharing. Jenny

  3. Catherine, Thank you for these beautiful videos, you're amazing how talented you are, You're beautiful, and also you're a good cook. Your food always makes me hungry. Be safe as you travel.

  4. Back in the 70's I spent two days helping to build fire lines at Kings Canyon NP. Never been back since then but did visit Yosemite this fall and Sequoia NP two years ago. Like Catherine states videos/pictures can not convey the incredible majesty of the giant Sequoias.

  5. I especially enjoyed this episode as I am intimately familiar with Kings Canyon. When I moved to California in my mid-20s, I lived a mere 20 minutes down Hwy. 180. So wonderful to see those giant trees again. Fires have taken 15% of them the last two years. You live better than anyone with a house, girl! I envy you.

  6. Do you have to plug into shorepower to run that Honeywell 360 heater? I recall in an earlier video you said you gave away your generator cause you never use it. Second the not understanding why you don't have more subscribers and views. I've seen "professional" videos that don't ever come close you what you produce, from a truck camper and a macbook pro! 4:58 STUNNING.

  7. Thanks for sharing Kings is on my list and see the "Giants!! As a avid woodcarver, I have lots of love for all species of wood. I appreciate your info on checking in on what part of the park is open and or closed. I prefer off season to view these beautiful parks Thanks for letting us tag along.

  8. How were you the only person parked in that lot?! I had to had to park in the overflow last time. Highly underrated park. I really enjoy it there and Sequoia. Glad to see the grove was not touched. Thank you

  9. That was an excellent video, again. The red woods get so much attention so it's great to learn more about the sequoias. We didn't realize how giant they are! We always look forward to your next video.

  10. What a stunning national park to have to yourself on a beautiful day. I've always wanted to visit Kings Canyon. Now I know the time of year to go — and to call ahead to make sure Highway 180 is open.

  11. Catherine the 🎄 are beautiful and enjoying and watching now awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌😄😎❤️ awesome video and good job your doing and be safe out there


  13. Beautiful Video. I guess so many people just don't understand how God's Creation is so much better than devices and just plain being stupid. I love creation, it was made for our enjoyment and to care for.

  14. HI Catherine, great video as always. Your truck looked like a Hot Wheels truck parked below those giant trees, so funny! I purchased one of your 16 x 20 prints, really had a hard time deciding as I love so many of the wide choice. Stay happy and safe!

  15. This is right in my backyard! I go to King's Canyon all the time. Next time when the road is open, you must take the scenic byway down into King's Canyon itself. The Cedar Grove area is one of my favorite places on earth. It rivals Yosemite in beauty with not near the crowds. My dad and I visited the day before they shut it down this year and we saw maybe 20 other people the entire day. There are so many awesome places down there. Grizzly Falls, Roaring River Falls, Knapp's Cabin, Zumwalt Meadow, Road's End, Muir Rock and more! The hikes out of Road's End are some of the best in the Sierras and include the famous Rae Lakes Loop. Great video as always, thanks for sharing!

  16. Its a beautiful camp, the COE sites are normally $10 or less…I imagine it's the proximity to the Parks…I have VHS video a my Mom and I made when we visited here in 1998, we were amazed. Very pretty have a great week.

  17. Hume Lake Snack Shop has exceptional food and milk shakes you would never expect in a remote place like that. The drive into the canyon is amazing. Cat, make sure you come back for that one.

  18. Hi Catherine, have you any experience dealing with poison oak? How do you deal with it as it is rife in the California bush. Very much enjoyed this video and wonderful you had the National Park pretty much all to yourself – what a treat.

  19. Hello 👋 Catherine, happy Sunday to you. sincere thanks for sharing another beautifully filmed video. You Always do a superb job of filming. The very best to you Dear for your good health and safety. I look 👀 forward to see you on your next amazing video. 🤗

  20. What awesome tree's,You are right you can't get just how big they are through the video's,But you do such a great job showing them in all there splendor.Keep up the good work.

  21. Love the trees, and especially the lake where there wasn’t any music and we could hear the water and the wind! Love your Chanel and you lucked out with your spot! Nancy from Canada

  22. Astonishing views. Always when I see the notification bell I go running 🏃‍♂️to watch, cos I know is coming good vibes. Since I discovered this channel has being a pleasure to watch the videos. Catherine knows how mix the gorgeous landscapes with good music, is so relaxing to see all scenery. Thank you for sharing with us such amazing views 🤩

  23. Cat…
    Hi again babe. You know, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you've been having the parks to yourself as of late. That's really awesome for you. But I just can't hardly believe it.
    I've noticed in your last few videos that you're sporting some new gear. Did you go on a shopping spree?? New outerwear. And that's a new daypack isn't it?? Anything else?? Just wondering. You deserve it.
    You got me thinking this morning. I haven't had any pecan pie for quite a long time. I think you know what that means. I had to call my sis in North Carolina to get my mom's recipe from her. See, your still inspiring me.
    Have a great week and holiday sweetheart. See ya, bye.
    Love you. Randy. 😘
    P.S… beautiful music selection today. You know how much I love the piano.

  24. Olá…..Catherine!! Estou impressionado com a largura e a altura da sequoia, que árvore magnífica!! Estou com 48 anos…tive conhecimento sobre a sequoia por volta do ano de 1986!!!Essas montanhas maravilhosas, que lugar lindo, . Notei a sua alimentação …parabéns é muito saudável, você pode visitar o Brasil está convidada , aqui existem lugares lindíssimos, montanhas , rios florestas, diversos….etc….parabéns mais uma vez pelo lindíssimo vídeo, yosemite nacional Park foi incrível, bom saber que você está bem ,amo Catherine!!!, tudo de ótimo linda belíssima!!!💕💕💕💕😍🥰😘😉🇧🇷

  25. Love these videos. At 72 I realize that there was a whole lot of beauty I never saw. Too old now to go hiking but get to see the beauty of the parks thanks to Catherine Gregory's photography.

  26. Hi Catherine😊😊😊, WOW!! Those trees are AMAZING. Definitely on my bucket list for Kings Canyon and Seqoia National Parks! The drive above those clouds was BREATHTAKING. I'm enjoying this video Catherine. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  27. Walking amongst those trees is almost sacred. The majesty and beauty is hard to describe. You captured it beautifully with the perfect music and videography. It is such a relief they didn’t burn down this year. Thank you for another fine video! ❤️

  28. Breathtaking! The only way I can describe this video. I'm in Aiken, SC right now to care of some things with my forest tomorrow. Yes, I own a forest. It was once a "normal" farm. But, timber is pretty much an easy "plug-in and play" crop for somebody like me. Some of my trees are volunteers. But, there are several thousand which I've planted myself from Forestey Commission seedlings. Probably around 15, 000 over the years. It's a cheap thrill, LOL! As bad as fire is, ice can also be devastating to a forest. There's also beetles and other insects which can ravage a forest. I spent several hours this afternoon in part of my forest. Takes a couple of days to explore the whole thing! Cat, I would've loved to have seen the transistion in your drive from Imc into Vmc as you "climbed"! As for the quality of this video… will you ever run out of envelope? You keep pushing the edge further, and further out! Catherine, I do have an unusual appreciation for you this evening. You settled what I'm having for supper. Chicken Quesadillas! May Almighty God continue to Bless, Guard, Guide, and Protect you in your adventures!

  29. Wow. Just, wow. Kudos to you for embracing this life you have chosen. And thanks for sharing the experience. These posts of yours are extraordinarily unique in their quality and scope. So thankful here. Cheers.

  30. Another glorious video! I loved what you said about it being “an honor” to walk among the sequoias. Very well said. I have found it both humbling and deeply moving to be in their presence. Such a great loss this year; thank you for sharing the noble trees that still are standing. Thank you.

  31. Thank you, Catherine, for this lovely video. Shots perfectly framed, interesting, incredible scenery, wonderful music.
    Your videos always make me feel as though I am there.
    Again, thanks. 😎💖💖💖💖

  32. Hi Cat! Another great video. Every Corp of Engineers Campground I have been at all across the country charges between $20 to $35 a night, which usually includes electric and sometimes even full hookups. They usually have large spots and are well maintained. They are almost always located on a lake or Reservoir. Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. You are close to our neck of the woods. Many of those trees had been wrapped in fire retardant blankets during the recent fires. The last several years have been brutal. In addition, much of the forest has been killed off by a bark beetle. Glad you got to see at least some of the park. I’m surprised any of it was open, and very surprised there was that much water in Pine Flat, and Hume Lakes.
    You took what limited access you had to Kings Canyon NP, and still produced a top quality video!
    You, young lady, have incredible skill!
    Be safe, stay well, Happy Thanksgiving 🦃!

  34. Seeing how much you love the Sierra's I am surprised you have never made it to Kings Canyon. Sometimes the canyon is referred to as the little Yosemite, I think John Muir called it that at least once. It is one of my favorite National Parks.

  35. Hiked all around Humes Lake in late summer 2018. It’s a beautiful area. Loved the groves of the Sequoias. Kings Canyon is so underrated. Wish you could have toured the entire park because the views are awesome. Looking forward to your next video, Cat. Stay safe!

  36. Spectacular! Solitude in such wonderful place is a rare thing but it is a reward to those who wander. The glow on your face made the experience even better. I really liked the pace of this video as well. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Thanks again Catherine. You will enjoy the park at the end of the road next time you go. Some of the highlights of that area of the park are Grizzly Falls. There is a trailhead at the end of the road that will lead you to an uphill trail going parallel to the King's River. The river cascades down into the King's Canyon and eventually out into the central valley. It is really beautiful and makes for a great day hike.

  38. Catherine:
    Thank you for another great video of the Sierra Nevada area. Again, one of your videos brings back memories of another area I have been to. Fortunately for me at the time all the park was open, but also a little crowded at the time. Your visit was almost the perfect time, but at least you were able to see quite a bit of the park, and not be hindered by other visitors.
    One thing you might consider is what I was involved in many years ago. I and another person were the pickup crew for three other hikers who we dropped off in Kings Canyon. We picked them up at Whitney Portal, on the other side of the Sierra a few days later. They told us it was a beautiful hike.
    As for the destruction you saw from fire, you must realize that has been going on for many years. Many trees in the Grant Grove show burn marks, from previous fires. Fortunately, Mother Nature works on a long timeline and most of the burn area will, hopefully, be recovered some time in the future.
    Keep up the good work.

  39. Surprised you've never been to King's Canyon! It's awesome you had it all to yourself too-that is a rare thing but could be because of the recent fires and the seasonal closures. Hume Lake is great too-have been in this area many times. Boy you are sure getting lucky lately with the empty parks!

  40. I live near Big Trees State Park farther north. Just east of Murphy’s Ca. All sorts of camping up and down highway 4. Hope you make it there sometime!

  41. During a 52 day RV trip from Maine we visited Sequoia NP on 4/16/2018 in the snow and Kings Canyon NP on the 17th. The trees were amazing and not all roads were open yet cause of snow and time of year. Had to rent chains for the truck "if needed" but we didn't need to chain up even though on the way down from Sequoia it snowed and we were in a line of traffic where we passed a car that had "frozen in the middle of the road due to driver inexperience on snow". Hume Lake was beautiful and we took a road back up to the NP which was a fun drive as we weren't totally sure it was open all the way but it was, only once crossing a small un-plowed section of very small depth in the truck. Your photos and videos are always very good. Travel safe.

  42. There is magic in going to super crowded places at a time when they are almost empty. I experienced sequoia and kings canyon that way too back in the 1980’s on a business trip in late October. I flew in and out of Fresno with lots of vacation time, stuffed my gear in a 2 seat sports car, and spent a long weekend in the 2 parks before motoring through the coastal range to San Luis Obispo for business.

  43. Beautiful video. It was fun to see you drive out of the tile fog. Your photography of the sequoia grove was lovely and the music relaxing. My family went camping in Cedar Grove every summer as it was so much less crowded than Yosemite. Lots of great memories.


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