NASA’s 2018 To Do List

This is NASA’s 2018 ‘To Do’ list.
The work we do, which will continue in 2018, helps the United States maintain its world leadership in space exploration and scientific discovery.
Launches, discoveries and more exploration await in the year ahead.

This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library: 2018 TO DO LIST_FINAL/NHQ_2017_1219_NASA 2018 TO DO LIST_FINAL~orig.mp4

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  1. NASA lies too much. I Can't take this serious. If USA had a transparent goverment, then we would be out there in space learning about the Council of five and meeting with the emerthers.

  2. Hey @nasa Why don’t you start a patreon page so people from around the world can become patrons. We appreciate the progress you have made for every one of us around the world and I’d gladly become a patron. We need science to be better funded.

  3. If you guy's really get to the moon again, I think it would be way cool to use the James Webb telescope to get a picture of the astronauts that are there!! Anyways… Good luck with everything!! I'm so excited to see what you all can do!!

  4. Not a single comment and 88.000 views? Impressive! Now NASA, It could be so cool if there was a camera on the outside of the rocket that live streams the entire launch without any cuts in the picture. Please let it be a 2018 goal to shut those flat earthers up! They have become so many more, i can't take the stupidity anymore. Please NASA.

  5. Go to Titan and use a quad copter to fly around and study it. Most of all, work out how the hell that whatever it was, ship that the pentagon released video of recently, flies.

  6. I can't be the only one looking through the comments for idiots that say the moon landing was fake and that NASA saying "Prepare to send humans to the moon…" Is proof that we've never been.


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