NASA Psyche Mission: Journey to a Metal World

Psyche is both the name of an asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter — and the name of a NASA space mission to visit that asteroid, led by Arizona State University. Join the Psyche team to explore why this mission was selected for NASA’s Discovery Program, how we’ll get to the asteroid, what we hope to learn from Psyche, and the importance of scientific discovery.
Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Arizona State Univ./Peter Rubin/SSL

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  1. Is the asteroid completely metallic? I mean I still don't understand how we could understand a planetary core through an asteroid….

  2. Food will be also important, current money less much … Till the place, like acceptable planet, where are current shops like Lewiatan, Tesco, Auchan or Castorama etc …

  3. How much of the surface is expected to be visibly metal? Wouldn't there be piles of broken rock and ices from impacts over billions of years?

  4. “The first metal object humankind ever visited” and yet we have people on the ISS everyday 😛
    (Just kidding, this is really interesting; will there be opportunities to construct future spacecraft using materials from Psyche? Or are there better options?)

  5. Never even heard of Psyche, glad I saw this video and subscribed to Nasa youtube channel. So is psyche worth a lot of money to for the asteroid mining industry?

  6. YESSSSSS!!! I love this idea and it will be there when I am out of college and I will be hopeful working for NASA, and I will see this project at it’s fullest!!! Yay I’m excited. Can’t wait till this happens only 8 more year and be working for NASA!!!

  7. Oh but that is so cool. It is going to be the project of one whole generation, I mean life is not long enough for you engineers to do two of these missions, right? That is huuuge. You guys are going to dedicate the rest of your working life spending with creating memorys. When final touchdown will occur, I will be in the late twentys. I am going to remember that 17y old boy sitting in the living room playing chess online having a great time when all of the sudden this is announced. Crazy thought.

  8. They must focus on searching & discovering habitable world. Earth is no longer a habitable in the future. They don't must waste their time discovering other objects in universe that humankind could live. Instead, focus on very fast spacecraft to reach other planets.

  9. Which is great until NASA's real mission is revealed. Attaching a propulsion unit to it, aiming it for earth, and blackmailing the world for a bigger budget. Bawwahhahaha.

  10. This is awesome. I love watching your videos, especially the ones from the ISS. Congratulations and good luck. Wish it was going to happen now but I guess I can wait.

  11. Haaa… I feel so sentimental, unbelievable that our universe is sooo huge about billions of light years and we are still discovering our solar system but it feels as something which has no words to describe it… It might take over another 1 billion year to discover and colonize our whole big milky way but we enjoy a huge amount of happiness during the progress… And as being a student who is interested in space more than any thing this makes me more happier that I am a part of this metal and rocky world. This brings out more interest for me to discover more in space beyond what this generation will leave for us as next generation… I am completely fixed to explore the deep space as an astronaut… Proud to be a human.

  12. It is always nice to see when asteroid missions are approved. The images from Rosetta blew my mind, and I hope that this metal world will to 🙂

  13. Last year I wrote a story about political problems on a future Mars Colony forcing humans from Earth to go to the Asteroid Belt to build their next outpost. They started construction of their first base at 16 Psyche. So with this new mission from NASA, now I'll get the chance to find out how wrong what I wrote really was. Cool 🙂

  14. IF YOU MAKE THAT MISTAKE OF LEAVING THE LENSCAP ON! then we get to call you "brilliant idiots" Brilliant because this idea and mission is definitely something that will better help our understanding of the Earth's core, something we really should be understanding now, and Idiots because you left the Lens cap on. but here's hoping this mission goes ahead and we can get the maximum amount of scientific data possible

  15. Everyone wants true Love … Do not believe in Love at first sight. The stars were born billions of years ago … the stars will live billions of years ahead. I respect you as an adult. I'm kicking you like a child. Your tomorrow is tomorrow. NASA! p.s. Moonstranger


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