NASA Psyche Mission: Charting a Metallic World

In this artist’s rendition, we explore a metallic world named Psyche, an asteroid that offers a unique window into the building blocks of planet formation. The NASA Psyche mission launches in 2022 and will arrive at the asteroid Psyche, which orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, in 2026. The spacecraft, also named Psyche, will spend 21 months orbiting the asteroid, mapping it and studying its properties. The mission is led by Principal Investigator Lindy Elkins-Tanton of Arizona State University. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is responsible for the mission’s overall management, system engineering, integration and test, and mission operations. Maxar Technologies is providing a high-power solar electric propulsion spacecraft chassis.

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  1. Vcs estão de parabéns pelo trabalho isso é magnefico para mim , o universo é infinito e vcs estão todos os dias para transmitir sobre o espaço isso para mim e gratificante saber obrigado.

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  3. Came here because I see you guys turned off the comments on all videos that are close to the debacle with the VP. The most cringe thing I have ever seen, had to look away many times. The most popular ticket in American history, huh, fascinating how well that is reflected. Just look at the "likes" ratio. Just a coincidence, saying otherwise will get you charged with the high crime of wrong-think.
    Edit: I love NASA and if this post is removed then at least one person saw it.

  4. A beautiful visual rendition!

    Too bad the headlines about the "worth" of the metals making up the asteroid, $15 Quintillion, are pure nonsense. 1-What happens when a huge amount of a previously rare and valuable material comes onto the market? The price crashes.
    2-Based on a really quick and dirty summation of World Bank data, the total value in 2011 dollars of all of human history's GDP is 1/5 the amount that someone decided the minerals would be worth!
    3-Another handwave: 16 Psyche's estimated mass is over 2×10^19 kg. Even if you called that mostly iron ore, the least valuable and most common of the metals noted, that would mean that the asteroid contains 10^8 TIMES the amount of iron ore than humanity has refined. Yes, 100 million-fold.
    4-However it's even better – the amount of energy required to move the asteroid to Earth's vicinity would far, far exceed the total electrical energy ever produced by humanity. So you asteroid miners better start building solar cells!

  5. Encontrei uma pedra grande indentica a esse asteroide acredito que pode ser parte dele ela pesa muito toda prata assim contem verde e um po amarelo brilhante semelhante a po de ouro

  6. funny how once we get the capability to detect an asteroid worth many quintillions of dollars do we fund a mission to study it. hahahaha


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