Narcissists Keeping Relationships Toxic

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  1. So true! They lack empathy and are never sorry for anything they do to hurt you… but heaven forbid you offend or upset them your life will be living hell. The wounded child in them will seek revenge one way or another.

  2. thank you for your videos!!!! very helpful on my journey. I got rid of my Monster on July 9th 2016 after learning through therapy that I maybe married to a narcissist. I did my research and started planning my escape. He found out I was planning my get away and he tried to intimidate me and got himself arrested!!!! Thank God. I got an order of protection and have been No Contact ever since. Now I'm just looking forward to my divorce. it has been hard financially but I don't care!!!! I have my life back thank God!!!!! I'm happy I found your channel.

  3. Once healing from abuse happens, through determination to overcome incorrect programming during childhood (trauma and wounds, shame, incorrect dominance, improper guidance, neglect, creating conflict) then one can have pity for the narcisist/codependent pair. They made bad choices. They're like as in the Bible when Jesus said of some that they don't know what they do. Yet, it's like they need constant schooling, and are hard to trust. As I became a father much of this became clear t o me, and as I want to forgive, I also need to absolutely protect my kids from their grandparents to break thoroughly the cycle that took me so long to rise through.

  4. Thank you, they use to love when I was hurt or upset. I could not comprehend. I have been dealing with narcs for years without really knowing they were narcs.

  5. Thank you so much Luminousz Star for giving me clarity. It's very interesting that the narcissist becomes addicted to the victims pain. whats also interesting is how the victim is also addicted to the feeling of trying to resolve their childhood pain through the narcissist who only gives the victim more of the same. it's important the victim wakes up to the fact that they can not resolve pain from pain but see the narcissist as a mirror of the pain. I think the victim sees the pain of the narcissist and wanting to fix their pain is key into realizing we really want to fix our pain but the narcissist will never give you that (fix) because he's addicted to pain. The victims (fix) is the release of pain through validation…love and acceptance. The narcissist will give you a little supply to keep you coming back so they can get the bigger hit through drama fault finding blaming shaming and gaming. This subject is so interesting to me wish I could discuss with you in more depth over some tea !!!! Thanks again

  6. I like the way you present your material!  You're lovely!!!
    one thing…. they ACT like they don't understand why you feel the way you do.  There is established research (ie 'wolf in sheep's clothing author, George simon I think?, and more) that shows they d#$% well DO know what they're doing, and understand things perfectly, despite any apparent developmental arrests. It's important to recognize that difference, for our own recovery and need to not feel guilt or other manipulative effects of their abuse.

  7. They were wounded past their breaking point. We were all wounded, for sure. I can relate by acknowledging that I have been wounded close to the breaking point, but did not go over that threshold. Something happened to make them turn a switch off inside.

  8. In fact they engineer problems to create drama to justify their need to discard and devalue you and keep you confused and off balance. This also offers them narcissistic supply and control even if your reacting negatively to them.

  9. Another great video filled with such information. It's so accurate though, the addiction ( which sounds so creepy), the child like attitude. I do believe narcissist aren't born that way, but I was wondering if you can shed some light on if a narcissist was NOT raised by their parents, but an elderly grandmother and was basically left to be raised on his own. How did he develop the narcissism? If One parent was an alcoholic and the other (mother ) went MIA for 14 years. Can his development might have been from the trauma he suffered through out his childhood or is there a mental imbalance? Thank you again!

  10. Hindsight is 20/20. I can look back and remember that i consciously thought about the pattern we went thru time and time again. Makes me think more about what the hell was is wrong with me and how do i fix this. I would rather be single and alone for the rest of my life than to ever have another relationship with one of these toddler monsters.

  11. Hi.  Love love love your videos and message.  As a videographer, can I offer one piece of advice?  White balance your camera.  it will take out the 'yellow' from the lights behind you.

  12. Thank you for helping to spread the word. Your description of narcs as wounded children is absolutely correct. Emotionally they stop developing at a very early age.
    I think it's imperative though to point out that, although they are emotional toddlers, they still possess the intelligence, physical strength, and life experiences of an adult. This is what makes them so incredibly dangerous. A toddler will throw a tantrum and stomp their feet to get their way. But a narc will poison your relationships, steal your things, sabotage your career, even murder you if they feel threatened enough and believe they can get away with it.
    Always remember, they may be wounded children emotionally, but these THINGS are not children.

  13. Let's not forget the passive aggression also. The sneaky little things they do, and the lies/reasons why they do them. I also feel that on a subconscious level, they feel that they don't deserve happiness, so they make sure they don't get it. They prefer that we don't get it either.

  14. Are narcissists also sociopaths?  My ex husband was a narcissist for sure, but he also exhibit characteristics of a sociopath as well.   He was so immature, and he has told me some tramatic things he went through in childhood.   He enjoyed chaos and causing me pain.   I'm free of him now and life is good.

  15. My wife (Well now separated) we would be sitting there and everything would rolling smoothly and fine the kids playing and she would be sitting their super depressed and sunk in and I can't help but to notice and feel her vibe is very low so me being the caring person I try to inquire why?? Only to get "nothing" or " I'm fine" and them once I tell them that that's a lie and it's something deeper then all hell would break lose cussing, yelling and fighting up jumping out of her seat. When there is no drama they have No LIFE But once a negative situation begins then they get "Activated" all of a sudden……Yes you are correct the entire video and I thank you for your time and sharing with us out here

  16. They are VERY VERY insecure people I got accused DAILY of cheating when I never did and got gaslighted beyond belief it tore me down soooooo bad it made me say and do things I've never done before ever in life, just a terrible person to be involved with I wish there were sponsor groups to speak with because I feel like I'm nearly destroyed from all this person has done they tried to ERASE ME and I'm really trying to find myself after being sucked into their black hole talk about real identity thieves……

  17. My Mother lost custody of her 3rd child because of neglect. A family member took over to raise my sister, who I never knew. My mother now 84 and my sister now 64 have awkward visits. My sister sent our Mother a mother's day card, which mother made FUN of. I saw the card and it was beautiful. I was sickened that she would make fun of my sister sending her a card. Why would my mother do that?


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