Nara Deer visit the temple – Japan: Earth’s Enchanted Islands: Episode 1 Preview – BBC Two

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Programme website: These sacred Japanese Nara Deer visit the temple in search of food where they have a surprising way of interacting with people.

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  1. 奈良の鹿。。。猫の島。。。うさぎの島。。。猿の温泉。。。次はヘビの島とかどお??

  2. Can you imagine a world like this, where nobody eats the animals of the forest and they are all friendly. No more extinct species, everybody lives together in harmony.

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  4. baraboo wisconsin at the wisconsin dells has a petting zoo with deer and sells deer biscuits, the deer are moochers not sacred. getting him to bow seems like abuse. they are wild, they dont bow to humans. you are Buddhists, share the path.

  5. everyone walking around like this is normal… like wtf id be stopping every time a deer got within reaching distance and pet them for as long as i could… crazy to see how accustomed the deer are to the crowds too. actually a beautiful thing

  6. 鹿の視点から奈良という街を見た良い動画だと思います。

  7. If anything it's the fish I feel bad for. The Japanese show such respect, restraint and kindness towards all other animals, but fish? They'll eat them without even so much as cooking them.

  8. I've been there it was awesome, now I just need to go to cat island, fox village and the monkey hot spring….. and from an animal behavior view to me the head bowing just looks like they are threatening you with a head but unless you give up the snack but then it probably just turned into a trained trick at some point XD

  9. When I lived in Oregon, a young male deer once stood between me and his mother. He bowed to me, so I bowed back. This went back and forth about five times, and then he stopped and went back to grazing, ignoring my presence from then on.

  10. 鹿と濃厚な接触で、新型肺炎に鹿が感染しないか心配。🦌🦌🦌

  11. 鹿がせんべい食べて帰った、てだけの話を神秘的なアトモスフィアに味付けする演出の技。

  12. 鹿のお辞儀のポーズは挨拶じゃないよ。少しいらだってる時のものだから、あまりエサやりを焦らすと怒り出すからね。

  13. 上空の東大寺撮影(ドローン空撮)は 関係省庁 地元警察 航空法管理局 土地管理者の許可がいります 
    BBCは 全てクリアーしたのでしょうか 観光地の上空撮影は決して許可にならないはずです。

  14. At the east side of Nara park, there is sanctuary "春日奥山" where any animals including deer are living safely. The deer were not robbed of the wild mountains they should live in.
    Their main food is grasses in Nara park.
    Deers eat「鹿せんべい」(”Sika Senbei", Deer bisquit) as desserts.
    They don't depend 「鹿せんべい」(”Sika Senbei", Deer bisquit).

  15. My experience was like those bashful girls running away LOL. I bought a bag of biscuits and ended throwing the whole lot at once because I got surrounded by deer who were borderline attacking me for them.

  16. I want to get along with to make a pretty girl friend from Nara to more chance to visit to re met the Statue of large Buddha and Deer around the Nara Park in front of the Todaiji temple. Because actually I really love to visit Nara since I was 14years old boy, 9years grade school student that time. That also the Sacred place for the human like us.

  17. I've always loved European cultures. When I was in highschool 10 years ago, I got to visit Italy and Greece. Now I've been researching and saving up for a trip to Japan as a present for my friend. During my prepping, I've just fallen in love with Japan. Japan from what I've seen is the most magical place on earth and I can't wait to see it. And that sent me down the rabbit hole of so many Asian countries. I'm hooked now. Thailand, Bhutan, China, Mongolia. I can't wait 🙂


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