Mystery of Death Valley’s Moving Stones Solved

For decades, scientists have been trying to solve Death Valley’s mystery of the “moving stones.” Now, two scientists say they have figured out what makes the rocks move on the desert floor. WSJ’s Monika Auger reports.

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Comment (457)

  1. I think it a mixture of reactions that give rise to some kind of living material that feeds off the rock like a bacteria force filed that enters back in to the stone at night…

  2. Well obviously it was ghosts before scientists got involved. I'm so glad they spent so much time and money proving something that affects the world and how we live in it in no way whatsoever, proving what was already assumed to be the reason.

  3. Not to be that person but why did this take them so long to figure out? Like no one put a camera out there until 2014? I literally learned this in geology 101, it's how glaciers move…I don't know it seems like a natural assumption to make rather than waiting however long it took them to figure this out.

  4. has an archaeologist thought that they could also move stones differently ???
    in the past she used horses and elephants, but thousands of years earlier there were larger animals, maybe she used them, not all animals are aggressive, look how much weight you move with a paraceratherium was a kind of rhinoceros even bigger than a giraffe, with 4 of those animals you move those blocks, just look what animals we tame, horses, elephants, donkeys, cow, ox, and that was also to work

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  6. Ohhh…So that's how the stones were moved and the pyramids were built. Wet the sand, let the desert wind at night and ice slide the stones in place. Neat

  7. Them sliding on ice makes sense, however it doesn’t explain the movement in the summer where the rocks still move and no ice is present during those months. I don’t know why, I just know Mother Nature is pretty awesome!

  8. The Rock would have froze in place when the lake froze and if you have a sheet of ice you don't push up mud on each side they could have laid the rocks on top of the ice after it froze and then recorded and I put their own rocks out there it's just too illogical to think The Rock didn't freeze in place when the lake froze

  9. Generally rain fall will flow into the basin, and cold temps will cause it to freeze and wind picks up. It’s basically perfect weather phenomena.

  10. Done much better then the Science Channel. They made up a BS explanation about aliens being a possible force before moving on to the actual answer. They shouldn’t be called the Science Channel if they promote pseudoscience.

  11. The desert averages seven nights a year of freezing weather, which can occur in December, January and February. Any overnight frost normally thaws the next day, as daytime highs are typically always above 32 degrees. It’s interesting that miners reported the rocks moving on dry land over a century ago, but then the “Geologist” states his theory of the rocks moving after it rains and freezes…. In my opinion, this topic deserves research led by “Expert(s)”…..

  12. The mystery of stones are very important to know, from creation stones are invoked, in genesis 28:10-22. Jecib came in contact with the stone mystery and there he called the Gate of Heaven. He anointed the stones and called it Bethel and he entered into a covenant with God and he vowed to God. And in genesis 31:13. The angel appeared to Jacob and remind him. Saying , I am the God of Bethel, where thou anointed a pillar stone. Arise and go back to your kindred. Now I want to tell you the mystery of stones, there is an angel behind all stones, no matter the shape or size. Left for us to discover the angel and it importance to humanity based on nature. Also in I Samuel 7:12. There Samuel took a stone and called it Ebenezer. This is the name if an angel. What I believe is that if I am consulted. I will tell you about the deep mystery of the stones and how they are helpful to science, technology, nature and humanity. God created all these for the use of man. Tanx.

  13. With all that time, effort and money how the heck could they not get a proper Time-lapse video?? Plus some of the drag marks on the ground are different that the real ones, as it looks like the rocks were heavier or being draged by a rope where the angle drags them into the dirt more that riding ice. Better than round earthers who provide laughter as a rebuttle instead of an answers though.

  14. tldr it was an old hippie named Greg wearing really big bunny slippers that don't leave footprints. the trails match cause, while Greg did cure his alcoholism with LSD, the LSD gave him OCD. But like the OCD where you like things to be just a certain way. so like he pushes rocks good. anyway.

  15. Now that I see it, I feel dumb for never having considered it. It's such an obvious thing we should have hypothesized at some point considering it's happening on dry lake beds where it rains enough for standing water sometimes.

  16. I CALL BS. First off, the ROCKS are DIGGING TRENCHES !!! Which means there is a force PUSHING them threw RESISTANCE! Thin Ice and slow shallow moving water alone CAN'T do that. Not even with some winds. Why aren't the other rocks around the moving rock, moving also? As you can see in the time lapse footage showing ONE rock moving, the other rocks around it are not. Some else is at play here. Second, this is TIME LAPSE FOOTAGE, understand this is very available technology even used in business and home security cameras, that allow you to video EVERY SECOND of the DAY, all day, everyday, all week and all month long, in which you can watch every second of movement of rock. What you are seeing is someone taking advantage of time lapse footage, most likely stop the video, then RUNNING OUT and moving the rock, THEN coming back and STARTING the video again, and rinse and repeat.

  17. I thought the rocks moved slightly uphill? Water will always flow downhill and ice on water will move downhill no matter how much wind is blowing against a rock. Ice sheets are flat and won't catch much wind.

  18. But thats what it always was, ever since i first read about it , it wss a fascinating natural phenomenon ( like seasons or the tide)but not a mystery

  19. Anyone from Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan could have quickly solved this mystery. All you need is heavy winds during ice-out and you get massive damage on lake shores.

  20. Though the mystery is explained it’s remarkable that this set of circumstances could come together and occur naturally. How many other mysteries are just the same?

  21. George Stanley figured out it was windblown ice foes in 1955. "Origin of Playa Stone Tracks, Racetrack Playa, Indo County, California," bulletin of the Geology Society of America, November 1966.

  22. The large white arrow mystery now troubles me, apparently hovering above the rock moving by unknown forces?
    This video evidence could be faked l guess. Perhaps some people missed it?

  23. in quraan chapter 27 vers 88
    allah says ( and you will see the mountains and think them solid, but they shall pass away as the passing away of the clouds .
    the work of Allah, who perfected all things, verily! he is well acquainted with what you do.


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