My record label won’t stop calling 💡 #shorts

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  1. Ok you lick ur switch thinkin someone god knows who is xyz of urs i wonder are you waiting for her permission to drop music switch light i think she is from u chat someone-Instagram she sayin you are her husband you agreed cuz you didnt say back anythin to her cp then go bring her be wid her switched on light then drop ur song i hope 😊💖

  2. charlieeeeeeeee come on come on come on come on come on when you going to realse the song come on come on come on come on come on come on come on charrrlieeeee 'eeeeee can you turn on the light swith

  3. My man, you've been at this for so long that i've lost all interest. It was a unique idea but you milked it before even releasing it. We all know how it sounds and have so for weeks. It's unfortunately not intriguing or interesting anymore. You should listen to your record label and stop making tiktoks…


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