My boyfriend tries MOONCAKES for the first time!

HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL!! Since this is the day to eat mooncakes, I thought it would be fun to buy lots of different types and get my boyfriend to try them for the first time.

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  1. At least we know his allergy isn't severe enough for him to go into anaphylactic shock after smelling it…hopefully he has an EpiPen near by in the event of an inadvertent poisoning. 馃槵

  2. Since it is only once a year, you cannot go cheap on the mooncakes. I used to shop for the cheaper ones but now I always get the expensive traditional kind. Even if it is expensive but it is worth it.

  3. LOL can't blame you for falling into the H盲agen-Dazs trap just this once for the festival video. Like many other foreign brands, after entering the Chinese market, they suddenly became a higher end brands when they're just common mid-low level brands back home. H盲agen-Dazs is not really selling a product, they're more like selling a luxury sense and experience. Similar brands include Pizza Hut, Tim Hortons etc.

  4. For a long time ago, there was no mooncake in Mid-Autumn Festival.
    This tradition was started from the late Yuan Dynasty. The Han Chinese resistances put secret massages inside the cakes or pastries to communicate with each other. The most famous massage was "kill the Mongols on 15th August (Chinese calendar date, not Gregorian)". The Mid-Autumn Festival uprising was successful. Since then, mooncake had become the tradition in Mid-Autumn Festival.

  5. Not sure if that's correct but the lotus with salted egg seem low quality when I see Amy cut it. I just ate one lotus with salted egg. Another thing is mooncake made by western company is incomparable to traditional company that produce mooncake.

  6. Yup….we in Malaysia we Chinese also celebrate moon cake festival just like in China.
    Here we also have plenty of choices to choose from. We have a fairly large population of Chinese here..

  7. Today I鈥檒l be trying moon cakes for the first time! It鈥檚 my first year celebrating in China and rumor is, there is such a thing as ice cream moon cakes馃槏 馃ギ

  8. According to your boyfriend's tastes, I think he would like the Cantonese style mooncakes more. They are softer and sweeter. He should like 璞嗘矙(red bean paste), 鏋f偿(dates paste), 妞拌搲(coconut), etc.

  9. Lol, du hast gerade Schei脽e gesagt, sehr lustig.

    120 for a f-ing ice-cream. And Haagen Dazs is not even a prestigious brand in the US (from watching 閮澃鐟's video). But many young Chinese dig them and treat them like royal really makes me angry. I have tried Haagen Dazs before, and personality they're not as good as the well known local Australian brands like Streets' blue ribbon, or Peter's Ice Cream don't understand the hype.

  10. Happy Moon Festival Amy, have a great time with ur boyfriend. I am your fans from Hong Kong. hope we can meet up one day either in China or HK when the border opens:)

  11. I am not a fan of those types of mooncake 馃ギ, but my favourite one are the 铇囧紡鏈堥 style銆俆hey are more famous in the area of 姹熷崡 Jiangnan including Shanghai銆俆he filling is mostly sweet, it has sesame paste, or red bean paste, lotus paste, some include eggs. My favourite ones are the 楫倝鏈堥 pork mooncake very popular in Shanghai. You should try it next time, I am sure you鈥檒l like it.

  12. It's the Chinese version of the Western fruitcake. Something your grandma brought out every year and it seemed like the exact same one every year.

  13. The Haagen Dazs's version is a total failure. There's nothing in it that has anything to do with mooncakes. It's just another piece of ice cream and a dont-know-what marketing gimmick.

  14. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Miss Amy, mooncakes from Starbucks sounds special, as they freezing and delicious with different fillings inside.馃寱
    On the other hand, I prefer eating snow skin mooncakes (鍐扮毊鏈堥) than traditional ones as you have too. 馃ギ

  15. There's other types of mooncakes than ones with baked brown shells. Different regions and localities all over China has their own versions. Shanghai area has a flaky pastry type. There's many more types with different shells and fillings, sweet or savory. There's no "traditional" ones as you stated, but what's traditional to the different areas in China.

  16. Haha, True true, Wuren moon cake is a super traditional one and we didn't like it when we were kids. And nowadays, it becomes popular again for some reason and it really bring us the memory of childhood and hometown. Very fun video!! Like it very much! 璋㈣阿 Blondie锛

  17. The Moon Festival is all about the FULL moon. I can't believe Haagen Daz decided to put a crescent moon on top of vanilla ice cream and sell it to Chinese people for 120. The arrogance of big corporate just never fails to amaze me.

  18. was wanting to use ur video to promote mooncakes to my aussie customers, i decided not to lol. most of them wont have the desire to try after watching ur video (i guess) lol

  19. i never really liked the traditional lotus paste ones. They are too heavy and sticky, and more often than not, too sweet. There are a few that are better and the crust is those flaky and buttery ones, which I prefer


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