Multiple sclerosis | Understanding the roles of B cells

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a leading cause of neurological disability affecting 2.3 million people worldwide. Recent clinical evidence suggests that B cells contribute to both the inflammatory and neurodegenerative aspects of the disease. Learn about the role B cells are believed to play in the origination and development of MS.

Once inside the central nervous system, B cells have the capacity to impact the underlying pathophysiology of MS through a number of functions, including antigen presentation, cytokine production, autoantibody production and ectopic lymphoid follicle-like aggregates.

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  1. This IS Bad, don't get me wrong, but letting the immune cells pass through the blood brain barrier could help people with Rabies. Like, The Immune cells will be able to travel through the brain and detect another pathogen to fight off, along with the induced coma therapy it would be the best way to get rid of rabies!!! Even tho it will have negative effects on he CNS, it's better than 100% chances of dying.

  2. The main function of the Blood Brain Barrier is to protect the brain and keep it isolated from harmful toxins that are potentially in the blood stream.

    The Blood Brain Barrier has certain requirements because of the function that it serves. The barrier only allows substances that weigh less than 500 amu (atomic mass units), are relatively compact in shape and size, and are lipid soluble to pass through into the brain.

    Properties of Essential Oils

    Being aromatic, essential oils can easily circulate in the air so that they can enter our noses and be detected as a smell. Essential oils are all less than 500 amu (most are under 300 amu).

    Essential oils are compact in shape – almost always containing ring structures. Other fatty molecules, even though they weigh less than 500 amu, consist of long chains rather than rings and thus their shape prohibits them from going through the “filter”. Reference source: The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by Dr David Stewart.

    Essential oils are also fat soluble. This makes them easy to enter into the blood tissue of the brain, thus affecting brain function and delivering its therapeutic benefits.

    Other molecules do not have all of these characteristics. Even water. Although its atomic mass unit (weight) is only 18, it is not fat soluble – which is a good thing as too many water molecules in the brain can be dangerous.

    There are substances besides essential oils that can cross the blood brain barrier. Many of these are toxic and they are chemicals we come in contact with every day – gasoline, cleaning solutions, pesticides, herbicides, and pollutants in the air, among others.

  3. I was celiac for 15 yrs.whenever I ingested gluten, I had pian in gut , rashes, diarrhea …. With no problem in brain. After hep B vaccination ….. I developed confusion &. Extreme stuttering .

    I learnt hep b vaccine induces B cells … I hope someone can come up with solution to undo what hepb vaccine did

  4. The REAL cause of MS is the fact our unelected govt agencies are spraying our air with chemtrails containing Smart Dust, called Nanotechnology, Nano goo, electrodes that attach to our central nervous system. This causes the shaking effect of all shaking diseases. The smart dust nanotech must be removed from our food, air and water and then your body can heal!! You will not find the answer from modern medicine as it's not aligned with God's wishes, and God would like his people to know that the cause of every disease is electrodes illegally put into the human body for remote takeover of people's abilities to think, process information and acclimate to a higher way of God's wishes. And therefore, we need to save the children as these same electrodes are being put into their bodies by the thousands daily with the foods and water, drinks and air, and they are suffering from maladies like autism, heart issues, seizures, childhood diabetes, cancers and more of names created by those who do not know that this world is not aligned to God's wishes and therefore they cannot find any cures or causes for diseases. And anyone that has the answer will be harassed and even assassinated by those who are controlling the wave of info to the medical system. As it's now controlled by those who work for Satan and doctors not know what they do as they feed wrong info and give poisons to the body that never cure. The answer is to get spiritual and connect within to God and find the answers to everything as God has the answer, Remove the Smart DUST from the food, air and water. Stop our govt from spraying the chemtrails that contain viruses, smart dust and other poisons to sicken Americans with substances that stop you from leading lives of joy and bliss and the world that God would desire for you is not in a world of this focused society, and if you align higher and get with God in daily spiritual practices throughout the day, and focus on God as you breath in deeply and speak to him, he will guide you to get answers an relief. And help the children as they are suffering. God needs people to awaken that we are being poisoned with smart dust. and it needs to be removed. You can find proof with volt meters, and there is evidence on youtube of nanotechnology in foods and air. Work for God!

  5. This is a great video. I don't know if I have MS but I do get fatigue, depression sometimes my legs go numb and tired (usually one at a time) and get tired as if I've been working them all day and stay that way even after rest. I've been concerned about it and these videos have been very helpful.

  6. The problem with this concept is that in most MS patients np autoantigen can be identified (anti-MOG or AQP4 identify rare subgroups of MS-like diseases). An interesting phenomenon to be discussed is also the MRZ reaction.

  7. I hope all them people who make desisions on ssi cases the judges the dr's and the lawyers get m.s. and has to live with this horrible illness for telling people they do not need ssi its not that bad! they suck and dont know how bad this is to live with.


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