MrBeast updated his thumbnails. Do you like the old or new more? 🤔

Jimmy has been updating his YouTube thumbnails with more pronounced facial expressions, more vivid colors, and updated backgrounds.

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  1. I would recommend Ryan Trahan approach to redemptive work since MrBeast exploitative, quicker and more confusing pacing and budget isn't as retentive as a good story. Fast editing and a giant souless big budget idea ≠ better videos, just makes me feel I'm being seen as nothing less than a mindless consumer and it isn't enjoyable to watch his videos over and over again. Surprisingly, I found myself more and more rooting for his views to fall so the team can see a change may be needed. It's just a bit of feedback without wanting to insult nor destroy. Hope it helps!

  2. That "open mouth in shock/excitement" expression needs to be brought out back and old-yeller'd. What a way to state "I am obnoxious" without having to utter a single word.

  3. as well because new thumbnail may trigger some people to watch video again… and that triggers algorithm to recommend it again after years.

    More click trough more revenue. It is business not art.


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