Mr Beast Squid Game Review

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Comment (4,657)

  1. Not many reviews from the reviewer.
    Not that I complaining. I mean the content itself is good enough to keep us entertained. So I'll be sure to give mr.beast a like right now. You guys should do the same as well.

  2. Honestly this video just proves how lazy Felix is compared to Mr Beast, Felix needs to give Mr Beast a lot more respect. After squid game irl he’s now Jimmy’s son

  3. MrBeast should definitely make a making of video where he shows how they build all of the scenes and exploding shirts how they keep track of everyone ect…

  4. Pewds at the start of vid, does it sell your soul to the devil kind of views.
    Pewds 4mins later, i thought for sure he would spread it out to like a bunch of series a bunch of episodes.

    Certainly that is not for views too right? Hahaha

  5. The Rapture is coming. What they tell you after is a lie. They’ll say we were abducted by aliens. Btw, those are not aliens, they’re demons. Read Revelation DONT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST


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