Mountain Bike Products you may not have heard of

Today we’ll review more mountain bike products from the review bin. Most were sent to us, some we ordered because they looked interesting. All are subject to our highly scientific testing process.

Kids Ride Shotgun
Seat Cover
Muul Flat Repair
Stem Captain
Airtag Stem Cap
The Bandits Shoe Covers (updated)
Shraeder Tubeless Valve Stem (Link coming soon)
Rim Tape
Lithium Ion Air Pump

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Comment (520)

  1. Can you create a YouTube video, if you haven’t already, specifically on the best products for bicycle tracking in case of theft? I live in a big city and ride a hard tail. My previous hard tail was stolen and I’m interested in being able to track down my new bicycle if it’s ever stolen.

    I recently purchased an apple Tag but am struggling to find a secure, discrete place on my bike to mount it. In this video you highlight a product that allows the tag mounted into the stem cap, but I didn’t catch the name or brand of the product and IMO, it’s not super discrete (mostly because the top of the apple tag was still visible).

    Thanks for consistently posting great videos on your YouTube channel and please send a link to a video if you’ve already done something like my request. 🤙🏽

  2. Hey Seth, when I change gear on my bike I have to shift twice for it to actually change, and it only happens when I shift to a larger cassette ring. Do you know why?

  3. Apple Airtags work extremely well in the cities! I know lots and lots of people who have gotten their bikes back because they had an airtag attached to it. One guy in Sweden even had his bike stolen and transported to south of Poland…. He got it back because they could track it through apple devices nearby and call the polish cops. That is badass!

  4. You may not need a pad for your seat may not be needed if you are riding 15 or 20 miles of single track but if you are riding 60-80 miles of Rail Trail or pavement it makes life much better. The padded shorts feels like you are wearing a dipper or something.

  5. enjoyable content. Wish I had that kid seat when the offspring were youngns' Battery pump might be nice to fill a tire already seated while you do other things so in that way a time saver(?) Just how long did it take to go 0 – 20?

  6. I got this victor/bell quick air 7k at Ross for like $30 ish great for bikes it has 12v plug for car and house , it has a battery and will do 1 small car tire before its dead 😂🤷 but has auto shut off too so ill hang it at my garage entrance for quick access

  7. You know what a saddle cover is good for? If you buy an quality built old bike that has a good saddle but is ugly or cracked because if it's age then you can keep the seat and look good at the same time. I did this with an old mountain bike made of chromoly steel I picked up for$25 and I actually love to ride that bike.

  8. Dude you will loooovvvvee the shotgun seat for you and your kid! It has been so much fun ripping around with my daughter! She loves it too! She always says let’s go in the woods!!

  9. When I was worried about tan lines and still needing to be home before dark while staying away from home while on my BMX bike… I wrapped my wrist watch around my frame pad. (I used to race) Liked having the pads even off the track.

    I WISH I would have thought of the stem captain! Good idea!

  10. I can't stand Presta valves. I didn't know Schrader tubeless valves were such a novelty. I found my easily enough on Amazon and set up my stock Schwinn Axum rims tubeless with those and one layer of Gorilla tape.

  11. The kids ride shotgun seat is amazing. My daughter and I were riding up to the local high school and mountain biking the cross country trail 3 to 4 times a week during lockdown. She learned how to handle a bike like an adult from riding with me.

  12. I honestly wish Kevin would’ve taken the bike for a little stroll and made it like an actual thief stole it, hiding at a local restaurant or something like that. Just to test the capability of that Apple device, I forgot the name of it.

  13. The pump Seth I think it meant as more of a smaller replacement to carry than a floor pump and it is probably faster than a hand pump. Still limited in its application in the biking world.

  14. I feel like the stem captain would be 100% better if they had a compass option
    Like if you crashed or got lost somehow you could navigate back out of the forest or even if you just need to be able to navigate better if your new to a trail

  15. Most times I Blame my pads shorts for early hurting bum. Agreed stay off your bike for two months hop on and realize oh yea I need to ride more. Obviously seat posture and width are important. The padded shorts are nothing more than a seat cover.

  16. The saddle cover is invented for people with flat bottoms because the don’t have anything to naturally pad like most people have themselves, so they need it to ride comfortably

  17. I have Xiaomi air pump and that's the only pump I use since. Yes, it is slower and noisier. But the best benefit is that you can do something else while it pumps your tire. To the EXACT pressure (no need to double check and release air)

  18. .0001 percent here. I prefer schrader valves over frech ones. Got tubeless schrader valves on all my mtbs, drilled up my newly build dt-xc rim as well as my road bike rims in order to have schrader on all of my bikes.

  19. Here in Latin America is very common that you use schrader valves and tubeless, but we are so poor that we can not afford import a product like that, we use car valves instead

  20. Seth I think you might have misunderstood the purpose of the electric pump, at least I would think that it is for you to put in you bag and refill your tire anywhere if you got a flat and need to replace it, and for the size, it might still be faster and easier than a little hand pump the size of that electric one. Trust me, I have a hand pump and its soo not fun to inflate a tire to full pressure with it. I usually end up pumping to a rideable pressure and then just baby it to a gas station and pump the hell out of it with the air compressor there.

  21. The shotgun seat sounds great til you crash OTB and crush your kid with your large heavy body into the stem.
    With a rear seat they are cushioned by your body in a crash.

  22. I have a kids seat like that on my bike, was there for about a day before we ordered another for wife's bike. Its the absolute best way to carry a kid on a bike, trailer has been unused since we got this… Only negative I can give is the stock seat is too wide so I hit my knees on it, so I found a narrower seat…

    And yea, I do ride trails with kid on the seat, he absolutely loves it.. I also do wheelies, but jumps gets really funky..

  23. The electric tire pump is probably more useful for racers (XC and CX) to get easy repeatable pressures in the pits. They can set the pressure beforehand and apply it to multiple tires.

  24. Hey Seth – if you really looking for a kids saddle on your bike . Check out the Feva Star seat. Its rock solid, does not clamp our holy carbon frames and costs a fraction of macride (which is probably the most premium you can get). My boys loved it – and it survived 4 seasons of shredding. downside is – its not size adjustable. so i could use it max to 3 years … but all my kids knew how to ride themselfes with 3 years 😉

  25. That air pump would take an hour to fill up one car tire to 35psi.
    I guess an alternative would be to buy a Rivian truck with its built in air compressor station with pressure sensing.

  26. Guarantee that if u ever want to take ur daughter on the bike with you, you will use the kids ride shotgun… period.
    All the riders on 'Global mountain bike' channels with kids use them,….kinda says it all, they trust their kids safety to that product.

  27. The battery powered pump is my go to gift to my mountain biking buddies. It has a much better pressure gage than a similarly priced floor pump, you dial in your pressure and let it pump while you gear up, and it takes a fraction of the car space and isn't always getting hooked on everything around it. The perfect tool for a biker who routinely drives to a trailhead and tops off their tires in the parking lot. Every recipient has loved this gift.

  28. Bandit? A GAITER!!!!!!! theyve been around for decades. Any hiker or skier cam tellyou anything u ask about them…this guy didnt invent anything…all he did was to markwt it for this purpose…amazing!!!


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