Mosul: The Road to Recovery

Three years of occupation by ISIL and a protracted military intervention to retake the area have left the once-thriving Old City of Mosul in northern Iraq devastated by conflict and explosive contamination. The Old City is now deserted, covered in millions of tons of rubble strewn with thousands of explosive devices deliberately left behind by ISIL.

Of the 5.8 million Iraqis displaced between 2014 and 2017, nearly 4 million have returned to their homes, while others wait for their neighborhoods, schools and markets to be cleared of deadly explosive devices. Join us as we follow United Nations explosive disposal experts who venture deep into the Old City, putting themselves at risk so others may return safely.

When UNMAS first began work in western Mosul, they encountered an unprecedented amount of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Hospitals, bridges, schools and water treatment plants with contaminated with IEDs left behind by ISIL. IEDs, until removed, prevent the rehabilitation of the facilities that provide clean water, electricity and health services to the community.

Over 24 million square meters have since been cleared, allowing stabilization activities to begin, and enabling families to return home and resume their lives.

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  1. Love and Support to Iraqis and Syrians from India. Denounce radicalism and rebuild your cities. It's a big task but it's achievable to Rebuild Iraq and Syria.

  2. the "liberation" of mosul was maybe the biggest crime against the iraqi people since the Invasion by the West. Isis could have been starved and sieged there but mosul has to be tanken ASAP for Propaganda reasons.. the whole City was flattened and then left alone.. the extent of destruction is not comparable with any other act of war since world war two or the destruction of the vietnamese landscape. I dont know why people talked about aleppo for months, but mossul was widely uncriticized 🙁

  3. Deployed to Mosul & the whole of Northwestern Iraq 5 times .. Terrible to see how these people have suffered under the rule of terror organizations as Al Qaeda , ISIS , along with Factional infighting ..
    Mosul / Ninevah is such a wonderfully significant region , it will rise from this a better place .

  4. Sadly to Say But today's conflict will might remake this black face of history if will not be stopped.because there is No Religion for a dead human and humanity is on this black shadow's beginnig as between israel and palestine is .that should be stopped for saving humanity rather than any religious issue

  5. فاهس هس ةغ ؤهفغ شىي ه اشي فخ مثشرث هف صاثى ه صشس 2 غثشقس خمي صصهفا ةغ بشةهمغ…. (this is my city and i had to leave it when i was 2 years old with my family we had to flee this literally made me cry seeing my own city get destroyed….

  6. It was a catastrophe, what happened in Mosul, Anbar and Salah Aldeen provinces. Let’s hope for a bright and prosperous future for these families who lost their beloved ones and homes.

  7. Im frome mosul and im gona speak honestly here, i blame isis. If america was the 1 who is behind the scenes then its all their fault, but frome what i think i believe its just the isis the terror and horror at work. I don't blame america i blame the weak minded who joined isis and abandoned islam. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  8. If my grandpa was still here and he saw Mosul now, it would break his heart, that is where he grew up, he always spoke so fondly of his childhood in Mosul and he would always tell us one day he’d love to take us back. I miss my grandpa dearly.

  9. Very sad ,unfair and disgusting what was done to my brothers and sisters in Iraq. I am a Bosniak ( Bosnian Muslim ) so i know what aggression is. I hope Iraq recovers. We as Muslims need to unite and learn to love as we are one.….☝️Btw( Kosovo Is NOT Serbia ) ✌️

  10. It truly is so sad and devastating, it was such a beautiful historic place, im from uk, how can anyone with a heart not be devastated by this, the people are truly incredible and strong, and it makes me wish that our family bonds were as strong as theres, our society has become broken, and each man is out for their own, rather than neighbours helping eachother and sitting down and eating home made meals together. Helping each other is actually is what makes humans happy, we feel useful wanted respected and accepted. That is what everyone is truly searching for.
    You can have all the goods and treasures of the world, but if you don’t have people to share in it, your lonely and don’t get the human bonding we all naturally are built for.
    War is horrific.

  11. Our heart always cries for iraqi people who were died by American aggression and we also cries for brave saddam hussain….😭😭😭😭
    Iraq was one of the powerful country in the world.we pray for saddam hussain… May allah Grant him to jannah……

    We love you Iraqi brothers and sisters. Love from Bangladesh ❤️🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩


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